12 Most Weird Wedding Traditions From Around The World

Wedding party rentals have become so crucial these days. Even the normal party rentals can do the job.

Wedding traditions

That is how the idea of a normal wedding goes. The perfect cake, perfect dress, and the perfect venue. But there are some weird wedding traditions which are practiced in different parts of the world. Here are some of those:

  1. Armenia

It’s a tradition in Armenia that if you want a glimpse of your future partner, you have to eat a very salty bread. The thing is, this bread has to be prepared by a middle-aged woman who is happily married, or your grandmother. Single Armenian men and women do this so that they can dream about their life partner.

  1. Congo

The weird wedding tradition is when you have arranged for luxurious wedding party rentals, but you cannot enjoy them yourself. In Congo, if the bride and groom smile during the wedding ceremony or the reception, it means that they are not serious about their marriage. How not-cool is that!

  1. France

France has the most disturbing wedding tradition. The newlyweds are forced to drink all the leftovers of the wedding ceremony from a toilet bowl. But it is now changed a little. Now they use chocolate and champagne. The whole idea behind this Eww! tradition is that it will give strength to the newlyweds.

  1. China

Just having some party rentals is not fun enough until you shoot your bride with arrows. That is, in fact, the case in China. The groom shoots his bride with a couple of arrows after removing their heads. He then collects all the arrows and breaks them in the ceremony. It is thought to bring eternal love in their lives.

  1. Fiji

Fiji has an almost impossible wedding tradition. If a man wants to marry a woman, he has to ask her father first. After asking for her hand in marriage, he has to bring a tooth of a whale and give it to the father. It is only after this that he can marry her. It would be nicer if he could just gift him another thing or if he good pay for the wedding party rentals on his own.

  1. Mauritius

It is normal to see women trying to lose their weight for the wedding day, but the case is opposite in Mauritius. If a woman is about to get married, she is forced to gain pounds and become chubbier. It is thought that the more chubby a woman is, the more happiness and wealth she will bring to her husband.

  1. Germany

It is weird that in Germany the newlywed couple has to clean up a pile of broken dishes. These dishes are not broken accidentally, they are actually broken by the guests who throw them on the ground. They do this so that they can ward off any evil spirit which can affect the lives of the newlyweds.

  1. Greece

Although the Greek tradition of a wedding is not weird. The groomsman has the responsibility of shaving the beard of the groom. He has to do it himself because this is the tradition. The mother of the bride feeds almond and honey to the groom. It’s not so bad after all!

  1. Japan

So, in Japan, the bride has to wear white from head to toe. This color denotes her maiden status. The dress is composed of a white hood which is believed to hide the horn of jealousy which the bride has towards her mother in law.

  1. Jamaica

Here comes another weird tradition. In Jamaica a bride is subjected to criticism in front of the villagers. They will pass negative comments on the bride and she will go home and make a second try to look good in front of the villages. It is a customary practice in Jamaica.

  1. India

According to an Indian belief, some women are born cursed. If they marry someone, he will die at an early age. In order to counter this, she has to marry a tree first which will be later cut down. This will break her curse.

  1. Guatemala

Here comes another violent tradition which can seriously damage your party rentals ny. In Guatemala the groom’s family will smash things. When the newlywed couple enters the home, the groom’s mother will break a white bowl which is filled with rice and flour. It is believed that it will bring prosperity to the couple.

Can sleep disorders cause headaches?

A common symptom of sleep apnea is waking up after sleep with headache is one of the most common sleep disorder in kids .  In general, it can be assumed that about 50 % of people who wake up feeling headache can be considered as suffering from some sleep disorders.

Relation between sleep disorders and headache

Sleep disorders like pregnant and insomnia, sleep disorder in kids etc and headaches are interdependent. Headaches have intrinsic relationship with sleep.  Cluster headache, migraine without aura, hypnic headache, paroxysmal hemicrania etc are likely to affect sleep or can affect sleep disorders like obstructive sleep apnea. Though our knowledge about sleep disorders and headaches has increased considerably during the past few decades, and the study is being continued and more and more information is being unfolded day by day.

The risk of sleep problems in the case of headache sufferers is 5 to 8 times greater than it on normal people. Various theories have been put forward describing the relation between head ache and change in oxygen saturation, cerebral vasodilation, intracranial pressure etc. No the definite cause is not yet found out.

Sleep related headaches

Some  of the important sleep related headache types are discussed below.

  • Hypnic headache
  • Cluster headache
  • Headache linked to Obstructive sleep apnea

Treatment for sleep apnea

Throbbing pain causing nausea and vomiting is the common symptom of sleep related headache. Oral appliances or bite guards can relieve pain of jaw muscles caused due to bruxism or misalignment of jaw bones. Appliance therapy has been found to be very useful in treating misaligned jaws. Using oral appliances can very well resolve the pain experienced by headaches also. Maintaining regular sleep schedule is also very important in controlling sleep apnea.

Treatment for sleep apnea and headache

Continued research is being done to find out the relation between anatomical, electrophysiological and biochemical entities relating to sleep apnea and headache. Lower part of the brain known as stem plays a great role in relation to sleep and headache generation. When pregnant and insomnia patients discuss r sleep problem with physician, clearly explain him regarding the sleep cycle and sleep pattern of your daily life. Your  physician will try to understand the increased headache experienced by you and its relation with various type of sleep disorders like sleep apnea, sleep deprivation, insomnia etc. Similarly, parent of children with sleep disorder in kids are also expected to explain everything in detail in your sleep pattern and making it more structured can be helpful in decreasing the frequency and intensity of the headache experienced by him.

These Are The Secrets To A Long And Happy Marriage

Marriage is a lifelong commitment to coexist; one that thrives on mutual understanding, trust, honesty, and most importantly, love. These all are the basis of the marriage.

Long And Happy Marriage

A long and happy marriage that overcomes all obstacles that life throws along the way needs work and dedication. The secret lies here.

Celebrate Milestones

Celebrating is an important part of marriage. Be it a small success or a huge accomplishment, you and your partner must let each other know that you are proud of them and are happy for them. It is always the little joys that make all the difference.

Never Settle

Research proves that people who expect more always get more. Never settle for anything less than the absolute best. Set high standards for yourself so you can work towards achieving them.

Surround Yourself With Family

Marriage should never be just about the two of you; it should in fact be about your family and friends as well. Yes, marriage is a private affair between two individuals but isolating yourself from everyone can result in a monotonous routine and eventual boredom. Do not limit your interests.

Never Change One Another

Controlling your partner is a toxic habit that people often tend to engage in. Instead of telling your partner to change, bring out the best in them. Appreciate their unique quirks and the differences you share.

Don’t Be Afraid To Praise

Compliments are very important in any relationship. Make sure you tell your partner what it is that you love about them and how you feel because it is these seemingly insignificant mannerisms that make all the difference.

Be A Good Listener

Listening is a key element in a relationship. Regardless of how important or petty the issue is, it is important that you are always there for your partner. Support your partner when they are venting. Let them know you have their back at all times.

Correct Your Mistakes

Revisit the past and think about all the mistakes you made. Reminiscing about the good and bad times is what shows that your relationship is a lasting one. Rewrite history by eliminating bad memories and focus on the good one. For the future, make sure you never make the same mistake twice.

Make An Effort

Never get too comfortable with your partner. Spark and passion are the two elements that keep a marriage alive and kicking. Go out on dates every now and then, be spontaneous, make the other person feel young and alive the way you felt when you first met.

Divide Your Chores

Chores can get quite overwhelming when running a household. To avoid any glitches and arguments, divide your work load responsibly by doing them together.

Give Each Other Space

Personal space is an underrated aspect of any marriage. If your significant other is craving some alone time, give it to them because otherwise your relationship might get overbearing and suffocating. Learn to give other me time every now and then.

Top 4 Regrets People Have When They Die

For all of us death is not a comfortable topic, but no matter how much we run away from it, it is a sad reality and is inevitable. The perks youth offers, stops us from thinking about death but knowing that you will die in a few days or weeks, is a bitter pill to swallow.

Regrets People Have When They Die

It is during this time that one realizes of the things he has missed or that he might have achieved if he would have taken the risk. For the living, these might not be valuable, but little do they know the perks of health.

Here are the top regrets the dying has

I wish I had lived more for myself and followed my dreams

As our time nears the end, we look back at what we did in our entire life. The things we gained or lost, the plans we didn’t fulfill, the desires that we left behind, and in the end, all we conclude is, ‘if only I had little courage at the time.’

This lack of courage is mainly because we want to fit into the society and the standards others have set. In search of acceptance we fail ourselves, and our desires. These unfulfilled desires prick our conscience and haunt us during our last days.

Therefore, listen to the voice of your heart for these people won’t come on your deathbed to comfort you. Don’t die with a heart full of dreams.

If only I hadn’t worked so hard

All of us work all our lives just to increase the numbers of our bank account, or to achieve our never-ending goals. But surely life is much more than that. As humans, we crave emotional connections, the tender touch of our loved ones. At the end, it won’t be about how much money you earned, but about the moments you have spent with the people who matter and are dear to you. The people who you met and who had an impact on your life will be in your memory. Undeniably we have to work in order to survive, but never forget to build relationships and make them a priority.

I wish I were more expressive

All most all the dying wish they were more expressive and should have poured out their heat when they had the time and chance to do so. Just to keep peace with others or to get others approval we run away from situations in front of confronting them. Over time a lot of anger builds up leading to unhappiness and bad health. Also, suppressing emotions distorts your inner peace and affects you both emotionally and mentally.

I wish I had kept up with my friends

This is a regret we all have during our busy schedules as well as at the end of our lives. All of us crave for the carefree life they led as a child with their friends. When death begins to spread its wings, achievements and wealth lose their importance. The only thing one wishes is for the old times to return and to laugh once again with friends.

Life is not perfect, and we end up regretting one thing or the other. But it is best to have as little regrets as possible. I hope this would help you understand the point of life and show you the path to walk on during your lifetime.

Top 7 Drain Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

Drain cleaning companies have skilled staff who can do the best drain work for their customers. However, if you are doing it by yourself there are certain things you should know.

Know about right way of drain cleaning

Most of the homeowners take this burden on their shoulders when it comes to fixing drain issues instead of hiring drain cleaning services. So in order to help the homeowners to do the best drain cleaning work, we are listing some common mistakes they should avoid.

Don’t Use Store Chemicals to clean drain

There is something wrong with the people and even drain cleaning companies out there who recommend their customers to use chemicals available in the markets when it comes to cleaning toilets, sinks, pipes and other drain routes. This is a serious mistake. Chemicals are very harmful not only for the pipes and drain health but they cause further clogging issues as well. So stop using chemicals and try the other methods.

Do Regular Repair of Drains

There is a common understanding among the people that drains should only be inspected and repaired when there is some issue. In other words, don’t look or inspect the drain system for repairing. This is just unbelievable. People should know drains need regular inspection and maintenance. The time duration for different drain repairing is different. However, you must check the whole drain system after every six or five months and fix if there could be any issue.

Don’t Rely on Old Cleaners

Every market is full of drain cleaners and other chemicals that claim to be the best drain cleaners. They might be true but the homeowners, in case they are doing it by themselves, should know every chemical can’t be used to fix drain problems. Some chemicals are good for residential use while other are fine for commercial purposes. Similarly, you can’t use a toilet cleaning chemical for kitchen and other sitting areas. Always take care and don’t use old or expired chemicals or wrong chemicals for cleaning.

Not Keeping a Plunger to clean drain pipes

Plunger is a tool that helps you remove clogging and clean the drain system. This tool is the need of every house. If you know a little bit about draining, you should keep a plunger at home. With a plunger, you can easily clean toilets, remove clogs, clean the drain and make sure water flow is perfect. You can get a plunger from any nearby market. It saves you from the hassle of rushing for a drain cleaning company.

Don’t Stick Objects Down the Drain

This issue was reported by a huge number of people that when they tried to clean the drain while removing clogs, they ended up sticking that deeper inside. This happens only when you use wrong tools or curved objects to remove the clog. Most of the time it happens in toilets, sinks and other pipes. We have stated earlier than these objects do more damage than good and should be avoided. Only a right kind of plunger does the best work when it comes to removing clogs from drains and pipes.

Choosing Wrong Drain Cleaning Services

It has become really difficult for the people to find out best drain cleaning companies. There are hundreds of such drain cleaning services who claim the best service but they fail when it comes to delivery at the right time. We recommend that the homeowners should do their research, check the blogs, videos, reviews and learn more about good drain cleaning services westchester ny. in your area. Customer reviews matter the most when it comes to hiring a company. Nowadays everything is on the internet. Furthermore, when you are checking the services of a company do visit their social profiles and see how people reacted to their services. This will help you find the best and right drain cleaning company.

  1. Don’t Use Home Remedies

Home remedies, sometimes, are useful and very effective. But when it comes to doing a pure technical work, such remedies or tips don’t work. There are a lot of videos guiding people on how they can fix their drain issues and what tools work best. We suggest that don’t rely too much on these guidelines. They are more damaging. The best solution is to call a special drain cleaning service and reserve your seat. They will do a lot better job but it may cost you few dollars.

Top 7 Questions Asked On Google In 2017

Google is known to process 40,000 search queries per second. It has the honor of being the most used search engine over the internet.

All you need to know about common Google searches

The following article is dedicated to top questions asked on Google in 2017.

What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency – It came into being on 2008 by using a phenomenon known as a block chain. It is not a physical based currency. Due to the fact that the transactions get stored on a public ledger, it gained popularity over time.

What is solar eclipse?

Solar eclipse is a phenomenon in which the moon comes between the Earth and the Sun. The sunlight is blocked by the moon and even during the day, there’s almost no light (This is true regarding full solar eclipse)

What is antifa?

Antifa is an organization which opposes fascism. The left wing society is dedicated to oppose people who think they or any race is superior to any other race.

Some have accused Antifa supporters of violence against other people who didn’t participate in violence but only supported it. The discussion is wide ranged on this topic.

What is net neutrality?

Net neutrality means that internet service providers (ISPs) will treat all types of web contents equally.

Recently, FCC passed a bill which attacks the free spirit of net neutrality. Experts are thinking that the move will affect the free market. The already established tech giants will gain advantage by paying more to ISPs and having their competition removed.

With lesser competition in the market, it is highly likely that there will be less innovation in the field of internet and mankind will see lesser amount of miracles, such as Facebook – an idea which started from the college room of Mark Zuckerberg and gradually defeated its opponent – MySpace.

What is covfefe?

Noone really knows the meaning of covfefe. Yet, everyone tries to search it.

The term was first used by President Donald Trump. He used the term in a tweet which goes by:

“Despite the constant negative press convfefe

He later deleted it which led to debate of many mystery meanings.

To this day, we don’t know what does it really imply? However, later president trump tweeted:

“Who can figure out the true meaning of “covfefe”? “

What is a fidget spinner?

Fidget spinner gained a worldwide popularity among both children and adults. These are handheld toys which even surpassed Amazon’s top selling toys.

People who have used it say that fidget spinners are a means of tension release.

What is a hurricane?

A hurricane is a gigantic storm that starts over water and makes its way over land. In 2017, Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, Hurricane Irma in Florida and Hurricane Harvey in Texas caused massive amounts of damage, both to human lives and properties.

According to a federal service campaign, Ready, Hurricane season starts between August and October in the Atlantic region.

All of the above mentioned search queries were important with respect to the world. That’s why these questions have the honor of being searched over and over again.

Republicans stay ahead from others in senate race

The fight for right to control the Senate is stable and tough as Republicans maintain the inside track in majority of rounds. The Republicans stay ahead by at least four percentage points to complete the 50 seats and just one less than the total 51 seats to leave behind Joe Biden’s tie breaking vote and take the 2020 house race polls. They are likely to gain six seats that are held in Montana, West Virginia, Arkanas, Alaska, Louisiana and South Dakota. If they hold up these then the chances of winning of Republicans will be more and they can get the 51st seat which is important to win in North Carolina, Iowa, Kansas and Colorado.

Know about senate race 2020

The findings indicate that the Democrats retains a clear path to success.Notably,the data always remains the reason to question on the conventional wisdom that Republicans made substantial gains in Iowa and Colorado.

The Democrats keep on maintaining lead by four points in 2020 house race polls to hold 46 seats but they hold nominal edge in three other states as well. These states are Colorado, Iowa and North Carolina. The results of the senate control depends on Kansas where the Republican senator Pat Robert tied up with the independent participant Greg Orman.If he won and caucused with other democrats then they would definitely win the race and hold the Senate.

The Senate 2020 house race polls are the closest in online panel that covers all the congressional elections. The findings include all the date of previous estimates from the Upshot’s senate model remains unchanged.

Moreover,the Roberts campaign began its advertisement campaign in mid of September giving details on the uncontested dominance of Mr.Orman’s.But the findings indicates that all these efforts have improved the standing of Mr.Robert.Around 32 percent of the voters stated that advertisements were more focused to support Mr.Orman and 25 percent for Mr.Roberts.Another 25 percent of voters stated that they have learned a lot in the last few weeks out of the advertisement campaigns.

Senate race 2020

Some of the changes have been seen in the last few days that clearly highlight the change in option of the panellists .As per the figures, more than 90 percent of the past respondents from nine states other than Kansas supported the participant they had in the last polling session. Around 10 percent of people stick to their answers and came out with undecided column and most of other shifts cancelled. This leads to addition of 30,687 new panellists that reweight the new sample and he changes in the reply of the respondents were considered as likely voters in the 2020 house race polls.

What to know before you get eyelash extensions

While getting an eyelash extension is one of the most sought after makeup tricks, there are some facts that you must keep in mind before you go forward with it. This blog with answer all the questions you ever had about the eyelash extension technique.

  • One of the first questions that pop up in the mind is that can I wear it or not? The answer to this question is that almost anyone can wear it. In case your false eyelash in bigger than the size of your eye, all you need to do is to trim it from the edges and it would be good to go. They are available in a number of sizes in the market. You can easily find any size between 6mm to 17mm depending upon your need.
  • The other major question that is very frequently asked about the eyelashes is the cost involved. Answering this question can be a bit tough as there are a number of brands and varieties that are available in market to suit all kinds of budget. Some of the features that determine the cost of an eyelash are the number of lashes in the eye, the material that it is made up of and of course, the brand of the eyelash.
  • If you are wondering on how to apply the eyelash, then you need not give too much thought to it. The process of applying an eyelash is extremely simple. To begin with, all you need to do is to make sure it matches the size of your eye. Afterwards, apply glue at the edges of the eyelash. The next step would involve placing the eyelash perfectly over your eye. Once you are done with it, you can easily fill in the gap between your natural eye line and the eye lash by applying mascara. The entire process of applying the eyelash would take about an hour of your time at least.
  • One of the other most discussed aspects about the eyelashes is their safety. While there are some people who are allergic to it, it would be correct to mention that those people are very few. In case you experience any redness around your eye, you must stop applying the eyelash. Also, the glue must be properly applied at the edges of the eyelash which can otherwise result in harmful effects. Always buy professional eyelashes as it is less prone to allergic.

How much money is my divorce going to cost?

Child Custody Agreement

Divorce is one of the most stressful things one can deal with during his or her adult life.  The divorce process is made even more difficult when children are involved!  Since it’s your job as a parent to seek the best possible life for your child, we highly suggest working with an experienced divorce attorney to come up with the most mutually beneficial divorce agreement possible.  If you are going through an amicable divorce, this process may not be too painful.  However, you may always take advantage of the available divorce mediation services to get the most out of an uncomfortable situation.

Divorce Mediation

An experienced divorce mediator will help you and your spouse come up with a child custody agreement that is best for your children.  If both parties are fit to be a custodial parent, a joint custody agreement may be reached.  However, things don’t always work out so easily.  For peace of mind, we recommend carefully selecting your family law representation so that you get the most out of your divorce agreement.  Your divorce attorney can also provide you with helpful resources regarding spousal support, division of property and what to look forward to in life after divorce.