8 Winter Birthday Party Ideas

Winter is here and the fun of events and birthday parties is elevated tenfold. If you want to celebrate your or your kid’s birthday party in these chilly months, then these ideas are going to give you a lot of inspiration. Some require some set up with the help of party tent rentals while some are simple and easy.

Frosty Winter Party

Winter is the perfect time to let out your inner frosty spirit. There are a lot of themes that are appropriate for winter birthday parties, but something about a white and silvery frost-themed party is just so beautiful that you will fall in love with this idea.

The décor for this themed party is pretty simple and versatile and you can go all-out with the decorations. You can choose similar colored confetti, balloons and even party favors and all of them will fall into place for your theme.

The best thing about this theme is that it’s perfect for adults and kids alike. The colors are very in-trend for the winter season and you’ll find a lot of inspiration online for your party. The food and cake can also fall into this theme very easily. Another great addition to this party would be fake snow and that’s going to tie everything together.

A Trip To The Ski Arcade

This is a great idea for a toddler’s birthday party if you want to try something that’s out of the ordinary and want to do something special and unique for your kiddo. There are a lot of man-made ski arcades that cater to children of ages 6 to 12 because actual ski lodges can be quite dangerous for the little ones.

This is why this idea is perfect because your kid and the guests can get the experience of a lifetime in a ski arcade. If there’s a ski arcade close to where you live, then you are in for a treat, because everyone is going to have a fun time.

There are also different food courts and kiosks that can fill the bellies up after a tiring session of playing around in the snow. You can also have a ski class for all of the guests that are going to be at the party and that’s going to be so much fun, along with a ski lesson that won’t be boring.

Christmas Themed Party

If you’re planning a party near or on Christmas then you can make both of these events even more memorable. If someone is a fan of Christmas and their birthday falls near the date, then why not make it extra special?

There are so many themes that follow Christmas and birthday parties beautifully. You can go for a red and white-themed party or even a reindeer cosplay party. The great thing about throwing a birthday party near or on Christmas is the fact that there are so many yummy and soul-warming food options to choose from.

The décor can be minimal or extravagant, based on your preference. Nonetheless, any party thrown around this time of the year is going to be a day people are going to remember for years and years.

You can have it indoors or outdoors. For outdoors, you will need weather protection and some essential items from tent rentals Frederick.

Ice Skating With A Twist

If you want to amplify the winter theme, then an ice skating trip is a good option too. This idea is great for girls and boys alike and there is also a huge age bracket, so everything will fall into place and no one is going to feel left out. An ice skating rink is a great place for a birthday party and, like an arcade, it’s inclusive of everything and you can find everything under one roof, whether it’s food, entertainment, or more.

Ice skating is such a fun activity that’s going to be a great experience for everyone. Whether you’re a newbie or an expert, you can gather your friends and have a great time. It’s different from a traditional birthday party at a venue or home, and you’ll have a blast with your friends and loved ones.

A Cozy Slumber Party

If you don’t feel like moving around too much and prefer to chill out and relax on your birthday, then a slumber party will be a great option. The best thing about a chill and laid-back slumber party is that you don’t need to prepare for anything.

All you need are your friends, some cozy blankets, a good movie or two, some snacks and you’re good to go. This is going to be the perfect way to celebrate your birthday, especially if you’re a couch potato and would much rather spend the day at home with your friends than go out. It is also a very budget-friendly option if you’re tight on cash.

If you want, you can even binge-watch TV series, if you’re not a fan of movies and another fun addition at the end would be a small pop quiz about the series/movie you just watched. This is going to add to the fun and you can also set up a prize for the winner, just to make the competition a bit more interesting.

Movie Marathon

Speaking of movies, if you want a more formal way to binge-watch movies with your friends and want an excuse to go out, then going to the nearest movie theater is going to be a treat for all. You can gather your friends and select a movie that you’ve been dying to watch and go see it with them.

You can set the time for the movie as well, so that you can go for a nice dinner before or after the fact, depending on what you’re feeling. Watching a movie is fun, but watching it on your birthday with a bunch of your friends is going to be something memorable and special.

Baking Party

If you and your friends are avid bakers and want to get competitive in the kitchen, then you can have a baking day with your friends. This is also a very inclusive experience for you and your friends and you can even do this for a children’s birthday, provided that there is strict adult supervision.

You can start the party a day before and go to the grocery store to get all of the necessary supplies for baking. Afterward, it’s go time in the kitchen and you guys can whip up some crazy concoctions and have others taste them.

Ice Cream Party

Who says you can’t have ice cream in winter? There is just something about eating an ice-cold and creamy treat on a chilly day and when it’s your birthday, the experience is even better.

If there’s a new ice cream parlor near you and all of your friends have been dying to try it out, then set a date and treat everyone to some delicious ice cream. You can have it as a dessert after dinner at a nice restaurant or have it any time of the day, regardless it’s going to be amazing.


These birthday party ideas are interchangeable with all seasons, making them extremely versatile. So, which idea are you going to choose for your next party? Whichever idea you select, find party rentals Northern VA who can rent you items you need for the party.

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