Top 4 Regrets People Have When They Die

For all of us death is not a comfortable topic, but no matter how much we run away from it, it is a sad reality and is inevitable. The perks youth offers, stops us from thinking about death but knowing that you will die in a few days or weeks, is a bitter pill to swallow.

Regrets People Have When They Die

It is during this time that one realizes of the things he has missed or that he might have achieved if he would have taken the risk. For the living, these might not be valuable, but little do they know the perks of health.

Here are the top regrets the dying has

I wish I had lived more for myself and followed my dreams

As our time nears the end, we look back at what we did in our entire life. The things we gained or lost, the plans we didn’t fulfill, the desires that we left behind, and in the end, all we conclude is, ‘if only I had little courage at the time.’

This lack of courage is mainly because we want to fit into the society and the standards others have set. In search of acceptance we fail ourselves, and our desires. These unfulfilled desires prick our conscience and haunt us during our last days.

Therefore, listen to the voice of your heart for these people won’t come on your deathbed to comfort you. Don’t die with a heart full of dreams.

If only I hadn’t worked so hard

All of us work all our lives just to increase the numbers of our bank account, or to achieve our never-ending goals. But surely life is much more than that. As humans, we crave emotional connections, the tender touch of our loved ones. At the end, it won’t be about how much money you earned, but about the moments you have spent with the people who matter and are dear to you. The people who you met and who had an impact on your life will be in your memory. Undeniably we have to work in order to survive, but never forget to build relationships and make them a priority.

I wish I were more expressive

All most all the dying wish they were more expressive and should have poured out their heat when they had the time and chance to do so. Just to keep peace with others or to get others approval we run away from situations in front of confronting them. Over time a lot of anger builds up leading to unhappiness and bad health. Also, suppressing emotions distorts your inner peace and affects you both emotionally and mentally.

I wish I had kept up with my friends

This is a regret we all have during our busy schedules as well as at the end of our lives. All of us crave for the carefree life they led as a child with their friends. When death begins to spread its wings, achievements and wealth lose their importance. The only thing one wishes is for the old times to return and to laugh once again with friends.

Life is not perfect, and we end up regretting one thing or the other. But it is best to have as little regrets as possible. I hope this would help you understand the point of life and show you the path to walk on during your lifetime.

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