What Are Things People Ignore During Home Additions?

Undertaking home additions can be a stressful task. While there is surely an excitement factor, homeowners mostly get carried away with the options and decisions they have to make if they don’t get suggestions from home addition contractors. As a result, they miss out on a lot of necessary things. So, we will discuss those mistakes so that you do not end up wasting your time and efforts.

Not Laying Out A Plan

The most common mistake homeowners tend to make when it comes to home additions is not laying out a plan. Home additions can be small or large depending on the budget and the project. Some homeowners might need to bring in some new pieces of furniture and that’s it for them.

However, others might need to expand their existing rooms or build new ones to accommodate their expanding families. Regardless of the situation, homeowners must pay attention to creating a plan.

A clear plan keeps you focused. It is easy to get lost in the variety of options and decisions. This leads to the homeowners spending a huge amount of money on additions that serve no purpose. When creating a plan, make sure you focus on the necessities first and then the luxuries. This ensures that you spend your money on the things you need and not the ones that you just desire. For instance, for a new bathroom, you can be fine with a one sink vanity, but when it comes to desire, you might want a two-sink vanity.

Not Defining A Budget

Creating a budget is as important as laying out a plan. While searching for the things you need, you will come across many items that will hardly be practical and will only add to the aesthetic appeal. Plus, defining a budget keeps a check on your needs and preferences.

Homeowners commonly make this mistake of considering luxuries first and then the needed items. Even if you can afford expensive home additions, you still need to set a budget. If you find the process overwhelming, you should take it to an expert.

Not Taking Your Time

Home additions can take from a few days to months. Part of the reason homeowners end up disappointed at the end of their home addition projects is simply because they rush the process and do not take their time to plan out things.

You might have seen home additions on the TV or on the internet but that is not reality. Sometimes, home additions require additional work and will take more time than expected. Moreover, you should also keep some space for unexpected situations to pop up.

The key is to make sure everything is properly planned so that things fall exactly into place when it is time. Plus, rushing the process also makes the homeowners miss out on a lot of tiny details. These tiny details end up being costly in terms of money, effort, and time.

Ignoring Repairs And Replacement

You might have thought that a home remodel is only going to take a few days with the contractor showing up and working on whatever you needed at the end of the day. But that is not as simple as you think. If your house is old, it might need some repairs and replacements.

In such a case, the contractor will first make some repairs and go with replacements. If you ignore them, they might ruin the job a few years after the home renovation is done. For instance, you may decide to ignore the plumbing and wiring only for the pipes or the wires to give up after a few days.

You will find yourself tearing down the walls and floors to fix things up again. However, you could have easily avoided the situation having concentrated on the issues when you had the chance.

Improper Space Utilization

Space utilization is of utmost importance especially if you are limited on space. Properly utilizing a space requires one to be smart and accurate with the measurements. If you are adding a new bathroom or bedroom to the house, you will need to measure the amount of space available and the items that will go inside.

If not, you will end up with a cramped space with hardly any space to walk. This is also the case with homeowners who have relatively bigger spaces to work with. They think everything will go down easily but find themselves struggling to fit even the most basic objects.

This is also why you must hire an experienced contractor for home additions. Using their skills and smart planning, they will help you pick and arrange items in a way that makes a smaller space look comfortable. This is even more important for a condo remodel DC as you already have a small space to begin with so its best utilization is vital.

Not Prioritizing Permits

Home additions can be of different scales. Some states have regulations that require contractors and homeowners to acquire permits before they begin the home addition process. Acquiring a permit means that you are bound to follow the rules & regulations set by the state.

This is usually the case where living space is already limited. At the same time, it keeps the homeowners within limits in case they want to disturb others in the surroundings. Since you have hired a contractor, it is going to be his responsibility to handle the permits.

Keep in mind that neglecting the permits can lead to hefty fines. Therefore, to avoid such situations, you should become familiar with the laws to avoid confrontation.

Not Having Multiple Options

A home addition process is only going to be successful if you consult experts and have multiple options in hand. A noteworthy mistake made by homeowners is choosing the first option they come across. It might be tempting to go for someone who is offering cheap services but that won’t last for long.

You must get a hold of multiple companies and get quotations from them. This will help you pick an option that is both cost-effective and practical. Make sure that you opt for someone who has prior experience in home additions and carries insurance and a license. This way, you will be covered if any unexpected situations takes place.

Ignoring The Lighting

Home additions need proper lighting as much as the other rooms in your house do. In most cases, homeowners underestimate the significance of lighting just because they think they can make it worthwhile with the existing lighting system. However, it makes the space look neglected.

If you have guests staying over, they might even fail to ignore the addition. You do not have to opt for expensive lighting but something that helps the place light up and blend in.


The above-mentioned things are the most ignored in home addition projects. However, you can avoid them by laying out a plan and focusing on your needs and preferences. Even if you plan on doing it yourself, you should still consult experts and try to find neighbors or relatives who have done home additions in the past. However, the best decision you can make would be entrusting home addition companies McLean for the project.

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