How Do You Correct Patchy Colored Hair?

Patchy hair color; we’ve all been there at some point. You go to a salon and get your hair dyed, but instead, it’s sloppy and has weird color patches all over. Sounds like a disaster, right? You will need to go to a hair color correction specialist for fixing it. But, if you dare, there are ways to fix it yourself. Here’s how.

Reasons For Patchy Hair

Here are the two main reasons why your hair color might turn out patchy.

An Inexperienced Hair Colorist

An inexperienced hair colorist will do more bad for your hair than good. There are a lot of things to go over when you’re going for a full-color change, and an experienced hair colorist will know exactly what kind of hair dye to use, what percentage of developer and bleach should be used, and all that jazz. The last thing you need is for some amateur to color and ruin your hair.

If you’re going to an expensive salon and paying well for the services you’re receiving, then you must demand to be in good hands throughout. Always seek out professionals who know how to get the job done and achieve the results that you want.

There will be a world of difference in the way a professional hair colorist applies hair dye and how an inexperienced person would do the same thing.

A Drastic Color Change

Another major reason which can lead to patchy and uneven hair is the fact that you’re going too light for the first time. If you have dark hair and want to switch to a platinum blonde color, then the trick to follow is to go in increments.

Getting a drastic color change won’t give you the same results and your hair will end up looking very uneven. If you want to go for a lighter color, then try to transition slowly. This is going to ensure that your hair stays healthy and you achieve the results you’re looking for, at the end of the process.

How To Fix Patchy Hair Color?

Here are some ways by which you can fix the unevenness in your hair.

Hair Gloss To The Rescue

A hair gloss is a big lifesaver, especially if you want a quick fix in order to get rid of the uneven patches in your hair. A hair gloss is kind of like a toner, but it has pigment in it, which will act as a color-correcting agent. It is going to cover up any patches of unevenly dyed hair and make your entire mane look uniform in color.

You can get hair glosses just about anywhere these days, but if you’re apprehensive and don’t want to go further down the experiment lane, then have the salon do it for you and you won’t have to worry about anything.

Color Refreshing Masks Will Do The Trick

Another great trick to get rid of uneven hair dye in your beautiful locks is to use a coloring mask. This mask has hydrating properties as well as temporary color in it, which is going to condition your hair from the inside out, while taking care of the uneven patches, behind the scenes.

You can request your hair colorist to do this mask for you, according to the existing hair color you have, or you can easily do it at home. All it takes is a few minutes and after rinsing off the mask, your hair will look much more even in color and the patchiness won’t be visible. This is also a great way to quickly fix your hair if you need to be somewhere and don’t want your hair to look like a mess.

Go For Highlights

This is a much more fun way of covering up patchiness in your hair. Let’s say you just went through a terrible hair dyeing process and there are a lot of patches in your hair. Well, you can salvage it by going for highlights.

Highlights are a great way of concealing the patches of uneven hair and you can get a different look for your hair too. It’s a win-win situation and, most of the time, highlights will do a wonderful job of making your hair look even in color while adding a refreshing flair to your mane. Just make sure you’re going to a top rated hair salon Rockville to avoid a bad hair dye job – again!

Darken Your Hair

This is also another fool-proof way of getting your hair even. If you don’t want to go for highlights, either because of the reason that you don’t like them or don’t want them in general, then you can dye your hair in a shade that’s darker than your existing hair color. This shade is going to act as a color corrector and it will turn all of the patches and uneven strands of hair into a singular and uniform hair color.

It may leave your hair looking a bit dark, but it’s a good change if you are looking for something to make your hair look different without being too drastic or obvious. If you wish to lighten your hair in the future, then try to do it in steps, to avoid uneven patches in your hair.

Dye Your Hair Again

Sometimes a patchy hair dye can be the result of not mixing your hair dye properly. This can be very common and it can lead to unpleasant results. If you’re dying your hair by yourself, then it might be possible that you didn’t mix the hair dye mixture properly.

There shouldn’t be any streaks of developer or hair dye in the mixture. It should be a creamy and cohesive mixture, in one uniform color. You will see the difference when you apply a properly mixed hair dye to your hair, as compared to a poorly mixed one. There will be no sign of patches.

Use Temporary Hair Color

Another temporary solution to fixing your patchy hair is to go for temporary hair colors. These hair colors are great to use because they are no-fuss and they can instantly give your hair a beautiful color throughout, and the best part is that it can be washed away after a couple of weeks.

Temporary hair colors are also fast and easy to use and you will have even and beautifully colored hair in no time, and there won’t be any sign of patches or uneven globs of hair dye throughout your hair, instead, it will be one beautiful color flowing through your locks.

Start All Over Again

If nothing is working for you and the patchiness is extreme, then the only way to fix your hair is to start the process all over again. You will need to go through the process of bleaching and having your hair dyed again. This is what should have happened in the first place, but if it didn’t, now is the time to rectify the mistake.

Bleaching your hair, more than once can damage your hair, so you will need a lot of conditioning products to get your hair’s health back to normal.


Turn your hair from uneven and patchy to smooth and uniformly dyed with these tips. You will be rocking beautiful hair in no time. For best results, visit a hair color correction hair salon Rockville for fixing patchy colored hair.

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