Can You Save A Tree With A Split Trunk

Trees require maintenance and care to prevent them from infections, cracking, and splitting. However, there could be several reasons leading to splitting and cracking. The main cause of tree splitting is extreme fluctuating weather. So, if you have a tree with a split trunk, you must be wondering if you could save it by hiring arborist services. Let’s find out.

What Causes A Tree To Split Vertically?

As established, there could be various reasons contributing to tree splitting. One of the most common reasons is frost cracks. Trees experiencing sudden changes in extreme temperatures can suffer from vertical splits. The reason is during the winter season, trees tend to contract and expand during the summer season. If the cycle repeats for a longer duration, it could lead to vertical cracks.

Furthermore, trees can also crack if they are growing in unexpectedly low temperatures. On top of that, negligence can lead to tree infections and decay, which can make the situation even worse. In some cases, a diseased tree with a split trunk may not be able to survive, calling for removal.

Moreover, if you plan on saving the tree, know that there are chances of survival if the trunk has not entirely fallen or split. However, you may need to drill holes in the trunk to lend support to the trunk. But then again, if the damage is severe, the branches will eventually turn dry and cause death.

How To Repair Trunk Damage?

There are multiple ways of repairing trunk damage. The first is and as mentioned previously related to drilling holes through the trunk. Make sure to use large washers around the end of each bolt to cover a larger surface area for support.

Another way of repairing trunk damage is by completely removing the wound. To do that, you should begin with removing the edges of the bark and then cutting the wound. This will help the tree recover relatively quickly. Keep in mind that you should remove the wound the right way. If you are an amateur, you might end up incurring more damage.

Furthermore, you should know that tree branches play a crucial role in their survival. The branches are where the food is produced, transported, and sometimes stored. Therefore, if you observe there is slight damage to the branches, you can re-attach them using duct tape. This way, you will be helping the tree repair without having to grow a replacement. But the branch or branches should be attached in the right direction. Otherwise, it would simply die due to a lack of nutrients.

Should I Remove It?

It depends on the condition of the tree as well as the intensity of the damage. Sometimes, a tree can be saved with a bit of effort and care. However, in other cases, the tree might simply die within a few days. To find out, you should look out for signs such as the branches becoming weak and falling off.

Such situations call for immediate action and you will need to consult an expert. The good news is that you would hardly need to spend any money to help keep the tree alive. Using professional tools and equipment, an arborist will let you know if a tree could be saved or if you should get it removed.

Can I Repair A Tree Trunk Myself?

To repair a tree trunk, you need to be familiar with the basics. If you plan on saving the tree by yourself, you will be needing some tools and materials to repair and protect the tree. Keep in mind that the treatment varies based on the type of tree.

If you apply techniques or use inappropriate fertilizers or chemicals, it might result in the death of the tree. Therefore, you should at least discuss the damage with an arborist before cutting the wound or doing something that risks the tree’s life.

Final Word

Concluding, repairing a split tree trunk is sometimes both possible and impossible depending on the damage. If the damage looks repairable, you should try following the tips mentioned above. However, if the damage is extreme, you should hire tree cutting services Bethesda to help repair the tree or remove it, if it’s too late.

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