Most Common Refrigerator Problems And How To Fix Them?

A refrigerator is the need of every house. If you don’t have one, you can understand how hard it’s to protect your foods, edibles, vegetables and fruits in hot weather conditions. All commercial refrigerators repairs companies recommend their customers to take care of their freezers in order to keep them in best working conditions and save a lot of money that they may spend on repairing by a refrigerators repair company. In this post, we will discuss why your freezer doesn’t cool, the most common problems and how to fix them.

When Refrigerator Is Not Cooling

When your freezer is not cooling, you need to make sure the following things.

  1. It’s plugged in properly and getting power supply. The light will tell you if it’s connected to power.
  2. Check the thermostat that it is not turned way down by mistake.
  3. Make sure the vents on back of the freezer are not blocked.
  4. You need to check coils are not clogged because clogged coils cause poor cooling.
  5. Check to see that nothing is stuck in the condenser of the freezer.

If you still have issues in your freezer and it’s not cooling properly, you may either need to bring it to refrigerators repair company or follow our post to find the solution to most common problems of a freezer.

How To Fix Refrigerator Problems?

Water Leakage Issue

Water leaking is a common issue in all freezers. This is a dangerous problem because the water on floor can cause slipping and may harm anyone moving in the area where it is placed. The water leakage issue is caused by a number of reasons and we are going to list the solution here as well.

When the defrost drain in the freezer is blocked, it blocks the drain and there can be food particles, debris or other items that are responsible for blockage. You can fix it by two ways. First, you should use lukewarm water and put it inside the drain. It will remove the ice stored there and clean the drain. Second, if the first doesn’t work, you may bring the freezer away from the wall and use a pipe or stick to remove the debris manually in order to clean the drain.

Cooling Issues

If a freezer is not cooling properly, it will spoil the food inside and cause smell as well. There are a number of reasons for why the freezers stop cooling and ruin the food. We have some easiest solution for this problem.

First you need to check the back side of the freezer. If it’s cold, there is some other issue. Then you need to check the evaporator fan and there can be an issue with that. When the fan doesn’t release air while working, it needs to be fixed. You can hire a refrigerator repair company to fix this issue. There can be an issue with the compressor as well. You should check it and make sure it’s fine. If everything is fine, it shows your freezer needs to be replaced and you should buy a new one.

Fresh Food Section is Warming

It should be noted that freezer section provides air and cooling to the food section. The evaporator fan in the back of the refrigerator is responsible for flowing cooling towards the food area. In case, you notice the food is still warm after few hours, you should check the fan and make sure it’s working fine.

If it is fine, there is certainly a problem with the diffuser duct. It might be blocked due to ice and debris. When you keep the door opened for some time, it prevents the duct from sending cooling to the food area and causes cooling issues. If you can fix these issues and the freezer works fine, there is no need to call a refrigerators repair company Arlington service. Otherwise, you should hire someone who can fix the problem.

Final Words

Care and maintenance of the refrigerator is inevitable otherwise it causes issues of cooling. Never leave the door opened, check for regular maintenance and take good care of the freezer if you want it to work fine for years. Above listed problems are some of the common issue of a refrigerator and you can keep it in food order by fixing these.

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