When should you purchase an area rug?

In general, carpet pricing is regarded to be set in stone. This implies that they keep on altering throughout the year. It’s likely that rug costs may fall in the months to come if you end up preferring one but don’t want to spend the money upfront. Even if the cost of specific handmade rugs does not change, you can expect an overall reduction in prices during the winter season due to sales and deals.

Ultimately, the period at which a rug will go on sale simply relies on the demand. If the demand is low, carpets get cheaper. This implies that you will have a greater shot at discussions with a dealer. When a product is in high demand, you should expect to spend more at the store’s register.

There are, of course, a few notable outliers. However, this is the most fundamental information you require. A carpet or rug is a significant financial commitment. There is a good chance that thousands of dollars will have to be set aside over time.

When is the best time to purchase a rug?

To help you decide when to buy a rug, we’ve put up this guide. By employing these suggestions, you will be able to make the greatest buy at the least price. This everything eventually boils down to the supply and demand. When homeowners do not have the finances and time to conduct renovation, the costs of carpets would fall owing to smaller demand. Dealers will be more than happy to work with you on a better offer on carpets if you contact them now.

It goes without saying that there are certain exceptions. It is possible to foretell the next sale if you understand the fundamentals of supply and demand.

Carpet demand tends to decline during the following times of the year:


Kids are off school for the holidays, which means they’ll be spending time with family and friends. Similarly, a significant number of individuals are also traveling. Typically, during the Christmas season, folks have guests and plenty of friends coming over to their house. This is since everyone has plenty of spare time to engage in recreational activities.

Consequently, now is not a popular season to do home renovation projects. They would not want to squander their precious time on such duties. As a result, carpet costs are often lower at this time of year, making it a wonderful time to buy.

Summer season

Warm summer days are peak remodeling seasons, and this is when the prices of carpets rocket up. This is due to a spike in demand throughout the summer. You will notice that most people do home renovations either during the summer or spring season. Chances are that they will consider buying new rugs as well. Though, this is also the time when you can find the best variety in stores.

Late spring

Late spring is often thought to be a perfect season to buy a new carpet. This is since students will be taking their final exams as the school year ends. This time is believed to be quiet before the high sale season.

When to avoid a purchase?

With that, there are specific periods throughout the year when purchasing a rug may not be profitable. These include:


By utilizing the above tips, you will be able to acquire the greatest discounts on carpets. Ask yourself, therefore, if now is the best moment to visit the Persian rug stores Northern VA? You can easily determine the best time if you track the price movements throughout the year. You will notice that the prices spark significantly during the spring season when most people do house renovations.

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