Kitchen remodeling trends in 2022

So, have you finally decided to remodel your kitchen? Well, whether you are planning on making small changes or a complete renovation, kitchen remodeling can give you great ROI. However, you do not always have to spend thousands of dollars. In this article, we have compiled some latest kitchen remodeling trends that you can follow without poking a big hole in your wallet.

Latest kitchen remodeling trends

Without a doubt, the kitchen is the busiest place in a house. This is where you will whip your morning coffee and prepare your breakfast. Many families also prefer to dine in the kitchen. Dining in the kitchen makes things a lot more manageable.

Sometimes, small changes such as a fresh coat of paint and new cabinets can totally transform your kitchen. But of course, kitchen remodeling encompasses a lot more. So let us look at some great ideas.

Update your backsplash

Adding a new backsplash is a cost-effective and relatively easy method. It will make your old kitchen look like new. The main reason is that backsplash is the most used area of a kitchen. So, it is not uncommon for it to get stained by oil spills, resulting in a worn-out look over time.

So, updating the backsplash can automatically make your kitchen look tidier and new. Ask yourself if you want to totally change the material or just do some maintenance of the existing backsplash. Now that will simply depend on your preferences.

New cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are here to stay. They have been used for centuries. Although, the designs have varied a lot all this time. Nevertheless, neutral kitchen cabinets are now becoming the norm, especially in minimalist houses.

Furthermore, updating the cabinets can transform the entire look of your kitchen because they cover a large area. You can either choose softer colors or more striking ones to make the cabinets stand out. Just make sure that the color choices for your kitchen guide the eyes to the central parts of the area.

Redo the flooring

Renovation of a kitchen floor is time consuming and can be expensive. However, it is also among the most sought-after renovations in 2022. Many people are now choosing wooden floors for a more natural and eco-friendly look. You could also choose other materials depending on the theme of your kitchen. Planks made of engineered materials are also becoming quite popular nowadays.

Other than that, if you are into hardwood then walnut and oak might be the most suitable choice. Oak resists stains well and is quite durable at the same time. It also comes with a natural grain that adds more character to your kitchen floor.

Add an island

A kitchen island significantly enhances the usability of the space in your kitchen. You can use the kitchen island to prepare food and to enjoy dinner and coffee. Regardless of the size, a kitchen island can become the focus of your kitchen. So, make sure that the color choice and material choice are good. Since it can be a central part of your kitchen, we suggest choosing a high-quality material for a premium look.


When you are renovating your kitchen, your best bet is to reach out to professionals who have been working with kitchens for decades. This way, you will get the best service possible and be able to avoid problems later down the line.

If you look around, you will find many good kitchen remodeling companies Bowie. Give them a call after shortlisting and get a quote. Don’t forget to have some room in your budget for any additional or unexpected costs.

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