10 Beautiful Kitchen Rug Ideas

When decking your house in rugs, you obviously can’t forget about your kitchen, can you? You have many choices like traditional rugs, braided rugs, synthetic rugs, and more. Here are some amazing rug ideas that will transform your kitchen.

Go Geometric

There’s nothing more chic than a geometric patterned rug in the kitchen. Something about the design of this specific rug makes the kitchen look even more futuristic and edgy and you can’t help but admire its eccentric beauty.

Now, there are plenty of geometric patterns you can choose from. There are huge designs that take up the majority of the rug surface, then there are microscopic ones that look very subtle but still have that edge to them. You can get them in area rug size or runner rug size, regardless they will blow your mind with their versatility.

As for color, you want to choose hues that go with the rest of your kitchen, so keep this detail in mind. You want to pick colors that go with the rest of the décor, otherwise, the rug might look out of place and that’s not what you want.

Be Bold

Bold colors are perfect and they look amazing, given that you play your cards right. You might think that your kitchen doesn’t have any potential for a bold rug pairing, but you’re going to have to try it to see it for yourself.

Even if your kitchen is muted and neutral throughout, you want to add a certain dimension of boldness to the space with the rug. So, try a deep blue, vibrant red, or multicolored rug and place it in a way that doesn’t look overbearing. You will love it in the end.

Compliment The Décor

If you’re someone who loves to coordinate everything with the rest of the décor, then this idea will be a field day for you. For this, you have to put the décor of the kitchen at the forefront of your mind. From there, you will branch out with different rug ideas. Let’s say your kitchen has lots of black accents in decor sprinkled throughout the space.

Well, you want to get a rug with the same accents and then pair it with your kitchen. It’s as simple as that but the results will knock everything out of the water and you’ll love it.

Jute Is Not Brute

If you want to add a rustic vibe to your kitchen, while still holding onto that stylish element, then jute rugs are what you want to go for. Jute rugs are amazing because they are kind of the best of both worlds. You get the comfort and coziness of a rug that you know and love and you get a material that’s different from all other rug materials.

Jute also adds that characteristic warmth to the space and it is also long-lasting, so it’s perfect in the kitchen. What’s not to love about them?

Cozy Up Your Island

If you have a kitchen island and you’re a fan of anchoring different things around the kitchen with Persian rugs VA, then this idea will be your favorite. Firstly, you’re going to have to measure out your island, because you want to find a rug that fits perfectly under the structure, but also peeks out from the corners, so don’t be afraid to double-check the measurements. As for patterns and designs for this rug idea, you can go ham.

There’s variety everywhere you look, so find something that you think will go well with the island. Whether it’s neutral colors, single-colored rugs, embroidered rugs, rugs with horizontal or vertical lines, etc., are just some of the many options you can choose from. The result will take your breath away and this idea also just gives enough sneak peek of the rug that leaves you wanting to see more.

Did Someone Say Beach?

If you want to bring the beach into your kitchen, and by the beach, we mean the beautiful and warm colors of sunshine and cool water, then the perfect way to do so is by incorporating a rug that reminds you of that serene place.

Blue and sand colors pretty much go with everything and in the kitchen, these colors will look even better, because they’re a combination of warm and cool tones, which is a perfect balance of hues. Your kitchen will feel bright, vibrant and so much fun. Who says you have to leave the kitchen to enjoy the beach? Not anymore.

When In Doubt, Simple It Is

Sometimes, simple rugs are the way to go. No color matching, no bold accents; just plain and simple rugs that are enough to knock the breath out of you and everyone who looks at the rug-adorned space. A simple, muted, very minimal patterned rug is amazing for the kitchen.

There’s no need to think about anything, and if you think you suck at matching and color coordination, then this idea will be a lifesaver. You will love the simple and classic vibe this rug exudes and you’ll want to spend all of your time in this serene space.

An All-White Rug

If the color “white” makes you run for the hills, because you think that this color is a magnet for stains, then even though you might be right at some point, you can’t deny the fact that a stark white rug supersedes all other rugs and leaves them in the dirt. There is something so soft yet ethereal about a white rug in a kitchen.

It looks lux, cozy, and inviting in the best way. Yes, you want to ensure that it doesn’t get stained too much, because stained white rugs are not in trend, and you’re pretty much good to go.

Ditch The Runner

Who says you can only place runner rugs in the kitchen? Runner rugs are amazing and all, but there’s more to kitchen rug décor than these long and thin floor articles. Some people think that runner rugs are too flimsy and they need to be rearranged now and then, which is a valid point.

This is why area rugs and slightly larger rugs are preferred. You can go for them since they’re sturdy, more durable than the runner variety and they do great with a lot of foot traffic. So, you know who’s the clear winner here.

Think Minimal

Last but not least, the kitchen rug idea guide would not be complete without the honorable mention of minimal rugs. Minimal rugs have a huge following, thanks to their looks and designs and the overall concept behind minimalism.

You seriously can’t go wrong with rugs that have a neutral color palette, and almost no design or pattern, yet the beauty is enough to knock you right off your feet. Minimal rugs also go with every décor under the sun, which is superb. You know a rug idea is stellar when there are only good things to say.


These ideas are amazing and work for almost any and every season. Which one is your favorite? If you want to strike a good deal buying rugs, then look for wholesale oriental rugs Virginia.

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