Rugs Shopping Guide- Cotton Vs Wool Rugs

When we talk about rugs, cotton and wool are two most popular materials to be used in making them. It is hard to say which kind of area oriental rugs are better, but here’s a little attempt to make you clearly see the differences between woolen and cotton rugs.

Cotton is more recent than wool. Wool is an old player

Cotton rugs started being manufactured only in the 1900s whilst wool rugs have a much older history. Wool rugs have long been in fashion and they simply outclass the rest because of their beauteous look. However, cotton is not too easy to undermine — there’s been a huge demand for cotton rugs in the market ever since they got introduced. Cotton rugs are exceptionally popular no matter how recent their history is.

Cotton is easier to clean vis-a-vis wool

Cotton is more convenient to clean as it is lightweight and can be dusted very easily. Cotton rugs do not even need to be vacuumed every week, you can simply take them to your backyard and shake it at least plenty of times in a consecutive order. All the dust will be gone and it won’t take more than 3-5 minutes. If you bring in a cotton rug, you won’t need to take the pain of vacuuming it twice a week or so.

Cotton is easier to lift as compared to the former

Cotton rugs are extremely lightweight, they can be easily moved from one place to another. You won’t need to ask someone else to give you a helping hand with that, you can instead lift it up with your one hand — that too without toiling hard. You won’t have to see a cotton rug placed in one place forever because you can easily change its station if you want. It won’t be a strenuous thing to do. However, you should avoid wool and cotton rugs if you have allergies and use nylon carpets or rugs.

Wool is stronger and stain-resistant

Wool seems really delicate and beautiful but it doesn’t mean it cannot resist hardcore stains. It definitely has the tendency to resist the strongest of all the stains as it isn’t too thin. Its body is thick enough to let the liquid float on the surface for some time, hence, absorption takes a little longer than usual. If you are lucky enough to notice the stain quicker, you can drain it out before it immerses in.

Cotton is cheaper and affordable for every man jack

Cotton is not as costly as wool as it comes from the cotton plant. Wool comes directly from the sheep’s skin, hence, it is more expensive than cotton and any other rug material, so to say. Cotton fibers are thinner and less complicated to weave and that is another reason for which wool is costlier than cotton. You can easily deduce that the labor for weaving wool must be much higher than that of cotton.

Wool is not your thing if you are against sheep shearing

A lot of people believe in animals’ rights and hence they are not in favor of troubling animals for the sake of human pleasure. Although sheep skin does not come off on its own; a shepherd who’s taking care of a hunch of sheep has to make sure that the job’s done and it is also necessary for the sheep to grow newer skin (which can only happen if the old one is taken off) but vegans and animal rights advocates do not believe in consuming anything that comes from the animals. If you happen to be one of them, you should perhaps look around for a cotton rug.

Wool is delicate yet more durable than cotton and any other type for that matter

Wool seems more sophisticated than cotton but it still is more durable and long-lasting. It is resistant to the toughest of the stains too; You won’t have to make a rush, you won’t have to start sweating over the pettiest of the stains that accidentally get spilled on your rug because it is of course cotton not wool. Wool also has a longer life span; it is not likely to ditch this early, you can trust it’s loyalty, it is going to stay with you for as long as you want it there. So, if you see rugs on sale Northern VA with many types of materials, buy wool rugs.

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