Staying cool in the summers without an air conditioner

Whether your power is out, or you are trying to save some money this summer, there are several ways using which you can stay comfortable and cool. Of course, heat can ruin some of the activities in the summer. If you are currently waiting for HVAC contractors to repair your air conditioner, know that you do not have to suffer for the time being.

Staying cool without an air conditioner

You can use some of the most basic supplies to stay cool during the summer season while you wait for your air conditioner to get fixed. In this article, we put together several methods that you can use.

Hydrate yourself

This is one of the most important methods and we cannot just stress this enough. Staying hydrated is incredibly important and without a doubt, it is one of the most important steps to cooling yourself down. Ideally, you would want to drink cold water. However, we do not recommend drinking extremely chilled water right under the blazing sun.

Close the blinds and curtains

Of course, when the air conditioner is not working, you would want to minimize the heat present in your house. In particular, you would want to cover the house windows with blinds or curtains so that the warm air does not enter. You can also use reflecting coatings on your windows that will help reflect off the light during the summer season, hence, reducing the temperature of your indoors.

Taking cold showers

A cold shower can significantly help you cool down your body by decreasing the core temperature of the body. You do not have to make it longer though. Just a quick shower 2-3 times a day can do the trick and help you stay cooler for a longer period of time.

Using cold washrags

Another trick is to make use of cold washrags on your wrists and neck. This will help lower the temperature of your body. In specific, the neck and wrists are preferred because these are the pulse areas where blood vessels lie very close to your skin.

Using box fans

Small and portable fans are the key if the temperature is getting unbearable outside. Using small and portable fans on your desk will significantly help you in staying cool and can help dry off any sweat much faster, hence removing a great sense of discomfort.

Install insulations

Insulations are particularly helpful in both the summer and the winter seasons. They help keep the heat out during the summer season and trap the heat inside during the winter season. Many people install insulation as a year-round investment, especially if they do not want to spend a lot of money on air conditioners. So, this is another option that you can go for.

Use breathable linens

If your air conditioner is shut down, it is incredibly important to use breathable linens on a daily basis. This will let the air pass through and hence you will not sweat profusely. The lower and thinner the cotton threads are, the more breathable the dress is. This depends on the weaves per square inch on the cloth.


Of course, these are not the only ways of staying cool during the summer season. You can come up with many other methods. However, we have presented the most common and effective ones. So, feel free to use them and cool yourself down.

If your air conditioner is currently shut down due to a fault, make sure to reach out to AC repair services Vienna right away to get it fixed. You can find plenty of decent contractors in your area by a quick google search.

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