How Unfiltered Water Can Make You Sick

Clean and safe drinking water is a necessity for every human being. There are many ways to make water safe to drink like water softener and water filtration systems. And it needs to be done if you want to prevent the diseases which occur from consuming unsafe and unfiltered water. Here are some of the many reasons why unfiltered water is not safe for use.

Water Containing Chromium Is A Big No

The most evident sign that your tap water contains chromium is the appearance of an orange yellowish tint in the water. It goes away after a few seconds but this is a sign that your water has a decent amount of chromium in it. Chromium is not good for your health at all. It goes into your bloodstream and causes cancer. Chromium is a carcinogenic metal and it should be filtered from the water before it is consumed.

Water With Copper

Sometimes, your water or even your tap will have some green residue stuck to it. This is the sign of copper in your water. Copper is a key metal which leads to metal poisoning in the body. This will cause stomach cramps and even diarrhea. Small amount of copper is fine, but large doses of copper in drinking water can lead to diseases like anemia and even organ failure, which includes kidney and liver failure. It is very important that water contains less copper so that it’s not lethal or harmful in any way. Filter water with a water softener and drink clean water.

High And Low Levels Of Chlorine

Chlorine is used as a disinfectant. Chlorine tablets are used to clean the water and get rid of any harsh chemicals. But too much Chlorine is not good for you to consume either. Low levels of Chlorine will lead to the water being distasteful and it will cause a lot of stomach and digestive issues like diarrhea and an upset stomach. Whereas extremely high levels of Chlorine can lead to kidney problems and can even cause cancer. So, it’s better to use a prescribed amount of Chlorine in order to disinfect and clean your tap water.

Hydrogen Sulfide In Water

Hydrogen sulfide is not a good thing for you at all. It is quite easy to identify because of its very characteristic smell. It smells like rotten eggs and you can easily pinpoint it in the water. Clean and safe water is colorless and odorless, so if you smell eggs in the water, then there is a huge possibility that there is hydrogen sulfide in it.

Hydrogen sulfide can cause dehydration and severe digestive problems. It is only recognized by smell and even though the water looks harmless, the smell is very off putting and it gives the presence of Hydrogen sulfide away.

Foul Smelling Water

If your water smells or tastes foul like garbage and dead fish, then there might be excess quantities of calcium or barium in it. Too much calcium and barium can cause increased heart rate, blood pressure and even organ failure in worse cases. Not to mention it also makes the water hard and this leads to you not being able to lather up soap when using this water.

It also leads to deposition of scales on the tap fixtures, your hands and even the dishes if you wash them with this water.

Water With Lead

Water can also contain lead. Lead is a very toxic material and it leads to reduced brain activity, especially in growing kids. Lead is present in water when the chemical waste is not disposed of properly and it seeps into the supply water. It can also be due to corroding pipes.

It can lead to delayed growth in children, lower IQ, inability to focus and lack of concentration and other mental and behavioral problems in growing kids. Lead needs to be removed from the water before it is deemed safe for drinking, otherwise the results can be detrimental.


There you have it! These reasons should be enough for awareness that water should be filtered and made safe for drinking and even other uses. Clean water means a safer you and a healthy body. You can get clean water by considering water filter or water softener installation Meadville.

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