Can You Have Hair Extensions With Curly Hair

This question has been asked over 1000 times by many curly-haired women all over the world. Having curly ringlets doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy the cool things that hair salons have to offer.

Issues With Curly Hair

Having extreme curly hair means that your hair becomes oily first and then it gets tangled, dry and frizzy. This means you need to take extra care of your hair and form a proper hair care regime. This includes:

  • Washing with natural conditioning shampoos.
  • Using a conditioner every time you shower.
  • Using more conditioner than shampoo.
  • Applying a protein or conditioning hair mask weekly.
  • Oiling your hair.
  • Not rubbing your hair with a towel, instead, wrap them up with a t-shirt or a fiber-rich cloth.
  • Using only a wide-tooth comb to untangle your hair and not using a brush. A brush will open your natural curls and cause frizzy and messy hair.
  • Using serums and frizz-free products to tame down your curly main and keep them soft and nourished.
  • Using a diffuser to dry your hair when needed.

After you keep on doing this, the result is luscious, curly hair which looks rich and beautiful.

But the major drawback of having curly hair is length. Your hair doesn’t grow very long, it does but it gets coiled and upwards. Also, if it is not nourished and conditioned regularly then split ends form in them which causes breakage and restricts the hair from growing too long.

However, having curly hair doesn’t mean you cannot have long or fuller hair; you can through extensions. Extensions are a way to increase the hair length, add different styles, make your hair look fuller, healthy, and thick. However, initially, there were not many options of extensions for curly-haired women. But now many salons are making extensions for curly-haired women.

Problems With Curly Hair Extensions

Now the question is why there are fewer options for curly hair extensions and why fewer people are manufacturing them.

  • There is less demand for curly hair extensions because according to people straight hair looks more versatile and classy and even curly-haired women opt for different ways to straighten their hair and also go for permanent procedures, so they prefer straight hair extensions.
  • The best type and most natural curly hair extensions are those which are made from real hair and that too donated by a single donor. Now that is difficult because as we discussed above, curly hair doesn’t grow very long and even if it does, maintenance gets difficult. However, now women are donating their naturally curly virgin hair for extensions.
  • Curly hair extensions are very expensive due to less supply.
  • Most of the curly hair extensions available in the market are Remy hair extensions that have been permed and curled unnaturally. So, you will need to handle them with care. If they are frequently washed or products and brushes are used on them, then they will gradually begin to lose their curl and perm after some time and will not look genuine on your hair.
  • Curly hair extensions are high maintenance. You will need to wash them weekly and then condition them and curl them again using hot curlers or a curling rod which is an added hassle.

Which Type?

There are many types of hair extensions which include weave in, tape on, permanent, and clip-on hair extensions. But they are only found for straight hair. Only clip-in hair extensions are available for curly hair. But that is good as managing permanent curly hair extension would be rather difficult. So you just need to clip them on your hair either on the sides on the back or create a curly girl style on the front and flaunt your long, thick curly hair. After all natural is natural and natural looks more beautiful rather than artificially straightening them. It is advised to buy high-quality real hair clips on extensions so they last you a long time rather than buying low-quality ones which look fake after a single use.


Hair extensions are a great way to create different hairstyles and different lengths; however, with a good diet and proper hair care, you can grow your natural hair long as well. Moreover, go to reputable hair extensions salons that offer high-quality extensions.

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