Do You Know Everything About HVAC Systems? Let’s Test!

Before heading out to buy a new AC, HVAC companies suggest that you must keep some knowledge regarding it. HVAC is the acronym for Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning. HVAC system appears in various forms depending on the purpose. For example, in offices, huge air conditioner boxes which are placed on the top are called HVAC systems.

Things to know about HVAC installation

In homes, the system is either split or ducted. Apart from balancing a comfortable temperature, HVAC also keeps the humidity and quality of the air in check. The HVAC system is a multipurpose machine which can help you with various problems. Following are some of the things that you should definitely know about the HVAC system

HVAC as a Cooling System

HVAC the system also serves the purpose of cooling down the house. Be it a split system, window AC or duct AC, HVAC gives you the best cooling effect. The split system has two parts, one stays inside the house for cooling purpose while the other is installed outdoor for blowing out all the heat from the room. In case of ducted systems, each room gets to have equal temperature through ducts which are installed in the ceiling.

As suggested by air conditioning companies, HVAC is also an excellent choice for dry seasons. The evaporative coolers make the air moist and keep the temperature cool.

HVAC as a Heating System

Warming up your home is the greatest mission when winter is around the corner. You can either heat it up with a furnace, boiler, heat pumps, electric heaters etc. All of the aforementioned heating systems work on the HVAC system therefore as suggested by HVAC companies, it doesn’t really matter which one you opt for.

It’s common knowledge that furnace uses propane or natural gas as its fuel while gas or oil are the major fuels of a boiler which are used to heat the water. A Hydronic heating system is also a form of the HVAC system which warms up your home through its floors.

To install this system, flexible tubes are laid beneath the floor containing water and glycol solution which helps in heating up the floor hence making the home cozy. Regardless of the material of the floor, these tubes never fail to compromise on their efficiency be it wood, concrete, tile etc.

Operations Performed By an HVAC System

  1. Heat Pump


Heat Pumps play a huge role in the HVAC system. Its function is basically to extort heat from a chilled area and then blow it into the rooms after warming it up. Likewise, if the process is reversed, heat pumps can also serve for cooling purpose.

  1. Water Source Heat Pump

Water Source Heat Pump is used to attain sustainable heating and cooling. Unlike geothermal heat pumps, water source heat pumps are not very common nowadays. This system is efficient for both heating and cooling purpose. The temperature of the earth greatly affects the effectiveness of the pump.

  1. Split System HVAC

The split system means a system composed of two completely different systems called mini-split and the central system. The central systems are installed where cooling is needed. This system is highly significant among other systems because of its power-saving ability. This system can manually be turned on and off and thus saves energy. Its maintenance is also just one call away from air conditioning companies.

  1. Ductless System

This system is beautifully designed for homes in which furniture is a priority. Ductless System perfectly blends with the furniture creating a pleasing interior. It is pretty easy to install because you don’t have to go the extra mile for purchasing ducts and installing them.

  1. Rooftop Unit

Rooftop units also go by the name of air handlers. As the name implies, this HVAC system is set up on top of the roof by the help of HVAC companies. Its function is to handle the temperature of the huge space. The gigantic boxes right above the buildings and offices contain all the necessary components for moderating the temperature like heating and cooling elements, chambers, filter racks, dampers, blowers etc.

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