All one needs to know about swimming pool maintenance

If you are a person who owns a swimming pool or planning to own one, you should have some basic knowledge about the importance of regular maintenance needed for a swimming pool. It will be better if you also know how to carry out maintenance of swimming pool by yourself without handing it over to some contractors like pool design contractors.

It is important to remove all the leaves that would have fallen into the swimming pool on daily basis or at least once in a week.  Similarly various insects fallen to the pool and dust/ sand accumulated in the pool would also have to be removed regularly.

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There are five commonly used chemicals in swimming pools. Chlorine is used to kill bacteria, algaecide is used for preventing the water turning green due to spores, PH+ is used to increase the alkalinity of water in the pool, PH- for decreasing the same and flocculent is used to attract particles and form clumps so that it can be removed using filters. In real life changing the alkalinity or acidity of water may not be required based on the country or the location where the pool is situated.

Flocculent is used sporadically when needed or where needed only. Application of algaecide or chlorine once in a week will be sufficient. If by carelessness you spill chlorine liquid or granules on cloths, it will get bleached immediately.  But there is not problems if the chlorine compound used for swimming pools comes into contact with the skin. You only need to wash the skin immediately. Simple water testing kits are available in the market. Buying one such kit will help one to test the pool water and ascertain that the PH and chlorine levels are safe and according to norms.

Normal PH level between 7.2 and 7.6 is desirable. Even a slight change in this level can drop the efficiency drastically by around 90 percent resulting in the infection of the swimming pool water.  There is no reason is delaying or not carrying out this procedure as it is very simple and easy. Normally it is seen that the PH level of water is going on increasing regularly and it is therefore necessary  to  use PH reducer periodically.

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In this method chlorine is produced from the salt added to the swimming pool in large quantities. For this special equipment is  available. With the help of this equipment the water in the pool becomes clean and soft and becomes free from infectious germs. So children swimming in such pools do not get ear infections common in other pools.

The swimming pool filter will also have to be back washed on a regular basis. If you have purchased a used house then the previous owners of the house are bound to show you how to do this back washing.

After a couple of weeks the sand filters will get blocked with the various things they have filtered so far.  This will include oil, insects, dead skin cells,  dust etc.   It will also include anything that had fallen into the pool and has been picked up by the crawler of the skimmer.

Pushing water through the drain in opposite direction will filter all the material out. As the water contains algaecide care should be taken not to fall the water on your plants as they can kill them.

As back washing requires a good amount of water this may seem like a waste of money and resources. As an alternative one can uses an O3 or ozone generator in the pool. This ozone generator will be helpful in keeping the water in the pool clean without any need to add chlorine or any other chemicals to the water in the pool.

When ozone generator is used the water used for backwashing can be reused and one need not worry about the probable difficulties that can happen to the plants and other shrubs near your pool.

Algae is the most important and common problems faced by every pools. If the chemical need to control algae is not sprinkled in the correct quantity at the correct time, the water in the pool will be converted to a pea soup within one day. Algae are small plants that grow in pool water where nutrients for them are present if sufficient amount of chlorine is not sprayed or mixed to the water in the pool.

Understanding these important points and carrying out the maintenance work of the pool in a regular and systematic manner will help one to save much money that would be needed if the maintenance of the pool is entrusted to some agencies like pool masonry contractors long island or pool maintenance contractors.

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