Is the keratin treatment worth it?

Are you planning to get keratin treatment by hairstylist? Well, keratin treatment is also referred to as Brazilian blowout treatment or Japanese hair straightening treatment. Though, these treatments are slightly different. This also, varies from salon to salon.

Every hair salon will carry out the keratin treatment differently. For instance, some hair stylists will blow dry your hair before applying the treatment. Others will prefer to apply the treatment to moist hair. It just varies, and you should go with the process that you find more comfortable.

Overall, regardless of which salon you go to, the process of keratin treatment might take up to several hours. So, make sure that you have a book with you that you can read while the treatment goes on.

In this article, we put together all the facts that you should know about keratin hair treatment. Once you have learned enough about it, you may just go and get the treatment done.

What are the benefits of keratin treatment?

Keratin treatment has many major benefits. You would already know that the human hair is made up of a protein called keratin. The keratin used in keratin treatments simply comes from horns, feathers, and wool of animals. Along with that, many shampoos also contain keratin.

The following are all the benefits of keratin treatment

Shiny and smooth hair

Since keratin molecules overlap on the hair strains and reduce frizz, your hair naturally become easier to manage. Along with that, keratin treatment also adds a lot of gloss and shines to your hair. Eventually, you end up with smooth and easy to manage hair.

At the same time, keratin treatment can also reduce the split-ends. This happens because the treatment simply bonds the hair together.

Overall long-lasting

Another notable benefit of keratin treatment is that it delivers results that are very long-lasting. For instance, if you take good care of your hair post treatment, it can last up to 6 months. So, you should make sure that the shampoos you are using are keratin friendly.

Mostly, hairstylists will recommend you some special shampoos that will help you retain the treatment for a longer period. However, once your new hair start replacing the older hair, the effects of the treatment will also go away.

Less breakage

Keratin treatment adds strength to the hair. Hence, the hair become less prone to breaking off. At the same time, since your hair will not be breaking off, it might seem like they are growing faster. So, if you deal with the problem of hair breakage, keratin treatment can help you recover.

Formaldehyde free

Nowadays, most salons do not use formaldehyde in their keratin solutions. This is a chemical that is known to cause cancer. It is a generally dangerous chemical that one should avoid at all costs. In the past, salons used formaldehyde in their keratin treatment process readily.

However, based on the recent restrictions, they have stopped making use of formaldehyde. So, if you go to a good salon, chances are that they do not use formaldehyde anymore. It is recommended you ask the salon beforehand about any products that might contain formaldehyde. Of course, you can refuse and choose an alternative.


Keratin treatments certainly have a lot of advantages. Especially nowadays, these treatments are highly beneficial, affordable, and readily accessible. After all, salons all over the US offer keratin treatment at varying costs.

Just make sure that you have chosen a salon after proper research. Read reviews before shortlisting any hair straightening Salons Potomac, as that will improve your chances of ending up with the right salon. We wish you the best of luck in getting the hairstyle of your dreams!

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