How To Install A Commercial Ice Maker

If you’re getting equipment for your commercial kitchen, you may have bought a commercial ice dispenser as well. It can also be that you had an older model of ice maker that was needing commercial ice machine repairs too frequently so you purchased a newer and better model.

You must be following the instructions of commercial ice maker installation carefully because failing to do so can lead to inferior quality of ice, water leakage, and damage to the machine. The below instructions are for installing a large ice maker.

Receiving The Package

When the ice machine is delivered to you, make sure you inspect the package before signing for the receiving. Check and ensure that there is no visible damage to the package that may be damaging to the machine inside.

If you notice any damage, show that to the delivery agent and write down the type of damage on the signing paper or device. Usually, items are damaged during delivery by the carrier. So, file a claim with the carrier as soon as possible in the case of any damage to the appliance.

Choosing The Location For The Ice Machine

You may already have a lot of equipment in the kitchen so you must carefully choose a location for the new ice maker. If you’re replacing an existing ice machine, this step will be easier because in most cases, you will need to remove the old one and place the new ice maker in its place

However, if you have bought a larger ice maker or the space didn’t have an ice maker before, you should some rules.

Commercial ice machines should be placed in an environment that has the instructed range of temperature. The recommended range of temperature can vary depending on the manufacturer and ice maker model, but most ice machines should be in an area where the temperature is between 35-110 Fahrenheit.

A commercial ice machine or any refrigeration-oriented appliance should not be installed near ovens, cooking ranges, grills, steamers, and other heating equipment. You can install it near a commercial refrigerator if you keep distance between them.

Moreover, keep a clearance of 5-14 inches between the ice dispenser and the nearby items or walls for air circulation.

Water Connections

The instructions manual will have the measurements for the incoming water line connection required. You can find it yourself from a store, but if a plumber is installing the machine, they may already have the correct incoming water line.

The location for the ice machine should have a water supply line within 6 feet of distance for easier access to water. Moreover, the supply line must have a shut-off valve for the ice maker so you can stop the water supply in the case of an overflow.

Additionally, ice machines have a limit on the number of gallons per minute they can take. Check the instructions and the pressure of the water line to know if need a water pressure regulator.


With a water connection, your ice maker requires a drain line as well for removing water. For simpler installation, you can choose a location for the ice maker that has a floor drain. However, if that’s not possible, you can use a drain pump.

Check with your manufacturer if they offer external drain pumps for ice machines and order one. Some manufacturers also offer in-built pumps but they must be mentioned when ordering the ice machine.

Plus, get instructions from the manufacturer about the water volume the pump can handle to avoid overflows. To avoid violating local codes or the instructions of the ice maker manufacturer, hire a plumber for the installation of your commercial ice maker.


You should check the voltage and fuse size requirements of the ice machine before buying and either select an ice maker that’s voltage your building supports or buy any ice maker according to your business requirements and then hire an electrician. The electrician will check the requirements of the machine and install the recommended voltage outlet for the appliance.


Commercial ice makers are of various types and models from the manufacturers may differ as well. Purchase the machine that’s suitable for your business and follow the instructions above for its installation. Keep in mind that improper installation will lead to frequent breakdowns of the ice maker. In this case, ask the ice dispenser repair Northern VA technician to check if the machine is installed correctly.

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