How Do I Know What Size Crane I Need

When it comes to determining the right size crane for your construction projects, there are a lot of factors that need to be considered. Considering the types, the decision of which crane to rent from crane rentals can be overwhelming. Therefore, in this blog, we are going to discuss some important tips that will help you point towards the ideal crane in each scenario.

The Duration Of The Project, The Size & Weight Of The Material

The first thing you need to consider is the duration of the project along with the size and weight of the material you are lifting. Surprisingly, the type and size of the crane you choose mostly depend on the preferences and needs of the contractor as well as the construction project. There is a reason you see several different types of cranes employed at construction projects. Each type of crane is rented to perform a different task.

Therefore, to choose the right size, you first need to understand the requirements of your project. If you are finding it difficult, consult a crane company. You won’t have to spend any money since consultations are free. This can prevent you from wasting both your time and money in the long run.

The Method Of Transporting Equipment

Next, considering the method of equipment transportation is of utmost importance as well, even though it is mostly overlooked. Cranes are differentiated on the basis of their features and mobility. As a result, you have rough terrain cranes, mobile cranes, and tower cranes.

In addition to that, the state rules & regulations also play a huge role in deciding the way equipment will be transported. Some states do not allow cranes to be transported or driven on public roads during peak hours. On the other hand, compact cranes are mostly provided separate routes to reach their destination. This is done to avoid accidents or other traffic issues.

The Conditions Of The Construction Site

Apart from the needs and preferences, the conditions of the construction site cannot be ignored. Although, most cranes can be driven on different terrain types but not in every case. For instance, if the construction site is muddy, a crane with tires will not be able to perform effectively. You will need a crane with tracks.

Additionally, if the construction site is taking place in an area prone to extreme weather conditions, you are going to need an all-terrain crane that is designed to withstand unbearable weather conditions. Furthermore, you can use rough terrain cranes for off-road construction sites, where other types will totally fail. This is because they are loaded with features that help the crane against complicated mobility conditions.

Types Of Cranes

Choosing the right sized crane is one thing but selecting the right type is another. There is no point in choosing the right size crane if the type is wrong. For instance, tower cranes are used to construct tall buildings. It is a fixed structure and needs to be transported on cranes. This makes them an ideal choice for long-term projects.

Crawler cranes on the other hand feature moveable tracks. These tracks help the crane move on soft terrains. Not only can these machines transport extremely heavyweights from one point to another but are also bulky and relatively difficult to transport.

Finally, all-terrain cranes are simply used for short-term projects. These cranes are a regular sight on motorways and highways as these types are used for short-term projects. Depending on the task at hand, these machines can lift somewhere around 30 to 1000 tons. Plus, these are also the most popular types used by construction industries.

Final Word

Concluding, when it comes to selecting the right size crane, you should define your needs and preferences. Construction projects follow a strict schedule and this demands a careful analysis of the features, size, and type of the crane. And, if the overwhelming variety does not help with your confusion, feel free to consult crane services VA to help you in deciding. They may be able to walk you through different types of cranes and their uses to aid your selection process. Furthermore, consider how would you operate the crane and if you need to hire crane operators from the crane company.

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