7 Things Are Damaging Your Quartz Countertops


To take better care of your quartz countertop, you need to know quartz countertop precautionary tips explained by quartz installers.

Things to know about quartz countertops

  1. Never Ignore Spills

A professional and good quartz countertop contractor would always guide you in detail on keeping your countertops safe and protected along with a maintenance check list. Ignoring spills is also one of the factor in maintenance check list which holds a great deal of importance when you are expecting your quartz countertop last longer.

It is advised to never ignore spills and cleaning is required immediately especially when it is wine, vinegar or related stuff which could have harsh effect on quartz countertop. Although quartz is a tough material but liquids like tea, vinegar or wine are either acidic or corrosive in nature which can harm your countertops.

  1. A Big No to Putting Hot Stuff Directly on Surface

Generally, kitchen countertops are damaged mainly due to this reason when people are not careful with heated pots and stuff while putting them directly on the surface. Although quartz installers make sure that quartz countertops are heat resistant and won’t melt or burn but the fact of it being stone is always there.

No matter how hard a stone is heat resistance, it is going to be damaged ultimately after some point of time when extremely carelessness is showed. And of course, since it is a stone so sudden extreme changes in temperature may lead to thermal expansion and result in cracks on the countertop. You can use safety pads if it is very necessary to put hot stuff over the surface as a precaution.

  1. Never Do Cutting Directly on the Surface

Well again, quartz countertop contractors always claim them to be scratch resistant which is true to some extent but the properties of stone will always be there anyhow. No doubt, quartz is the toughest material but sharp knives can result in scratches even on quartz countertops. So, it is a big no to use quartz countertops as a cutting board and buy one instead if you really love your quartz countertops and want them to last longer.

  1. Never Use Your Countertop as a To-Do List Notepad

It is usually a habit of many women who are having a tough day with lots of things in their to-do list which they might forget so they write it down somewhere. Usually either it is on some sticky notes to land of the fridge door or it is your kitchen countertop. Well, if it is your kitchen countertop then you should rethink to change your habit as some markers could leave difficult stains and need harsh chemicals to remove them. So, quartz installers would definitely guide you to not use any such thing on the countertops as it may cause damage to the surface.

  1. Only Use Warm Water and Soap for Cleaning Purposes

As you already know, using harsh chemicals is in no way a good option for any countertop, so is the case with quartz countertop as well. Quartz countertop contractors puts a lot of stress on using only warm water with soapy solution for cleaning purposes which is only friendly option to not cause any damage to the surface. You can use a soft sponge or wet cloth to clean but a harsh net or some metallic brushes are highly not advised to be used over the surface.

  1. Wiping the Countertop Regularly

It is a part of cleaning your countertops while some people don’t do it regularly. It is because they might have an extremely busy schedule or have some unlimited commitments but there are always some alternatives if you wish. You can ask yourself if your all beautiful kitchen or bathroom or any other place where you have installed these beautiful countertops worth your time or no where you can spare a few minutes for its cleaning.

  1. Do Not Seal Quartz Surfaces

Well, Quartz countertop contractors fairfax va  must have already told you that quartz countertops do not require any sealing as they are non-porous in nature. So, this means you don’t need to go for any initial or repeated sealing process. And also, you don’t have to worry much as nothing is going to soak in your countertops and you can enjoy your beautiful kitchen or bathrooms being a carefree person easily.

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