How To Win Child Custody (For Mothers)?

There are so many problems associated with child custody attorney especially when mothers are fighting for it.

How win child custody?

Let’s discuss some tips for those mothers which can ease their lives and they can live a happy life with their children.

  1. Gather Proofs

No matter if you are already feeling to win the case, you have to be very careful when it comes to child custody matter. You have to even stay in touch with your divorce lawyer so no loose point can be grabbed by your ex. Judge cannot be convinced to give you the whole child custody or greater share if you do not provide sufficient proofs that you are a better parent. For instance, you can show the records of your calls that you made just to show how frequently you need to stay in touch with your kids. You can keep their school reports to show you have always showed up in their schools whenever needed.

  1. Study the Laws Followed in Your State

This is very important when you are fighting hard for child custody attorney and you have to show as many proofs as possible to become a better parent. Study the laws of child custody in detail and also study some local court rules which are followed in your state. For instance, court has some standard arrangement for child custody which are presented to both parents generally. If you don’t feel okay with that standard arrangement, you will have to present your case in a very strong manner to make a customized arrangement for you. However, it is not easy to convince the judge about this so make sure you have studied each and everything in detail which can help you counter anything that comes your way.

  1. Make Healthy Environment at Home

You have to convince judge that you can provide the best environment to your children at your home. You will need some support from your divorce lawyer to help you in proving this as it is in the best interest of your children. Giving healthy, safe and positive environment at home is a key to raise kids in a best possible manner. Also, you have to make sure that you don’t talk bad about your ex in front of your kids as it may ruin their innocent little minds. This can also give an impression in the court that you are unwilling to cooperate with another parent which may look unfair so you have to be very careful.

  1. Don’t Relax Considering Tender Years Doctrine

Previously, when partners lead to divorce and had kids together generally give child custody attorney to mothers considering it is in their best interest. It was believed that kids get nurtured well when they are with mothers but it has been realized that it is not the case for every mother. This is no more valid as many states have understood that children need a basic caregiver which could be anyone and not only mother in all cases. So, mothers have to show their willingness as well as the proofs that they are the best caregiver of their kids both morally and financially both to win the whole custody.

  1. Follow a Healthy Lifestyle

You have to avoid alcohols, abusive language or any other thing that could be harmful for kids. You have to practice a very healthy lifestyle yourself so you can prove that you can give the same to your kids as well. Even if you are habitual of alcohol, you can avoid in front of kids or not using abusive language in anyway which can turn against you in the court. Especially when the case is going on, you have to be extra careful regarding these things.

  1. Use Your Visitation Rights Actively

When you are given visitation rights, just use them actively and don’t miss even a single meet up with your kids. This will show your willingness to keep kids with you and your interest in raising them to be the better human being. You can take help from your divorce lawyer Fairfax to record these meet ups with your kids as well so you can present a very strong case in court to give results in your favor.

All one needs to know about first degree assault

First degree assault cases in American states are often sentenced for imprisonment for multiple years with thousands of dollars as penalty. It is very important for a person involved in a first degree assault case to contact a first degree assault attorney  immediately so that he will take charge of the situation and guide the accused in every matter including what to tell to the interrogating officers as well in the court were trail will be conducted. The punishments in these types of crimes are going to have far reaching effect in the life and character of the person concerned. So an assault lawyer who has knowledge in various aspects related to the offense and the court proceedings are the apt person to trust and hand over the matter.

Potential penalties for first degree assault

In many states first degree assault is included in the class B of felony. The penalties that can be imposed for offenses  under this category varies from imprisonment for a period extending from two years to twenty years and a fine which may extend up to thirty thousand dollars. The driving license of the person will be cancelled if there is any involvement of a vehicle in the crime. A person without any history of criminal behavior will be punished with minimum imprisonment if a weapon is used in the assault. This being the situation, it is important that any accused in assault cases meet a criminal defense lawyer immediately so that his knowledge and position can be utilized in every possible manner to  get the punishment reduced to the minimum possible level.

Long term effect of assault charge

A person who has been convicted in a first degree assault case will have to face some long term effect as a consequence of the verdict in the first offense. He is not allowed to vote or carry weapons.  When such a person commits the same type of offense a second time, he comes under the group of habitual offenders who attract still severe punishment and consequences.

The defense strategy

The defense strategy followed by a criminal defense lawyer in first degree criminal offense will be focusing on the level of injury sustained by the victim. The lawyer will try to prove that the injury sustained can be considered as a physical injury. If he succeeds, the case ceases to be first degree assault case. If the cause of injury can be related to an accident then also major penalties can be mitigated. An experienced lawyer in criminal matters will be the best person to help the accused as he knows everything and all the possible strategies that can be followed in a particular case and the supporting proof that can be deduced.

Hearing of the case

Hearing of first degree assault cases begins in limited jurisdiction courts known as district courts.   In such courts no determination of innocence or guilt takes place. The beginning of the hearing entails the accused his right to study the states evidences against him and understand the cause for the warrant issued to him.

How much money is my divorce going to cost?

Child Custody Agreement

Divorce is one of the most stressful things one can deal with during his or her adult life.  The divorce process is made even more difficult when children are involved!  Since it’s your job as a parent to seek the best possible life for your child, we highly suggest working with an experienced divorce attorney to come up with the most mutually beneficial divorce agreement possible.  If you are going through an amicable divorce, this process may not be too painful.  However, you may always take advantage of the available divorce mediation services to get the most out of an uncomfortable situation.

Divorce Mediation

An experienced divorce mediator will help you and your spouse come up with a child custody agreement that is best for your children.  If both parties are fit to be a custodial parent, a joint custody agreement may be reached.  However, things don’t always work out so easily.  For peace of mind, we recommend carefully selecting your family law representation so that you get the most out of your divorce agreement.  Your divorce attorney can also provide you with helpful resources regarding spousal support, division of property and what to look forward to in life after divorce.