Hosting an Outdoor Event – How To Do It Right

As summer gets around, more people want to hold events outdoor. There are a good number of advantages of an outdoor event, like more space, less rents, better environment, natural atmosphere, more place to accommodate guests, people can move around freely and better tent rentals. How anyone can ace the outdoor events will be discussed here in the below points.

Your ultimate Outdoor Event guide

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  1. Be Sure About Outdoor Setting

This is the first and very basic thing to ponder over. You should find out if your event will work out in the outdoor setting or not. For this, you may need to do some research work, check the objectives and purpose of the event, what clients want, expenses, budget and the outdoor location. If all the factors make it really happen, you are ready to plan your outdoor event.

  1. Ensure the Outdoor Location

Most of the time an outdoor event is best only when you have a garden, playground, lawn spacious enough, backyard with more space and nearby open space. In rural areas, the outdoor events are very successful but the people in urban areas suffer in this regard as they can’t find a suitable venue for the outdoor event. This may also lead to more cost as in months of more events, tent rentals or party tent rentals charge more than the normal amount.

  1. Be Careful About Weather

Weather is the most crucial factor for an outdoor event. The event planning team must get updates of the weather, check if there is any rain or dust or storm, the chances of bad weather etc. so that things can be arranged accordingly. Indoor event may not have such a great impact of bad weather but an outdoor event does have. Things may just get ruined if weather is ignored and the right date is not selected.

  1. Have a Backup Plan

In case you are hit with a bad weather, there should be a backup plan. For this, the outdoor event can be arranged in a place with lawn or backyard. This will provide an emergency relief and the guests can be requested to move to the building if there is rain or bad weather. This may be costly but you have to bear these things if you are planning an outdoor event.

  1. Choose Keep-able Foods

An outdoor event may sometime be really hectic as the management will have to work way more than they expect. When it comes to the food for the outdoor event, it should be chosen wisely. Foods that spoil quickly should not be added in the menu. Rather you can stick with the best and healthy food that last for hours. In case of bad weather, the meal may get late. You may also opt for a specific parcel for the guests with all items inside.

  1. Focus on Security

Outdoor events are riskier and have more opportunities for the criminals or people with bad intentions. The event management staff should thoroughly inspect the outdoor location, devise a security plan if the location is not perfectly safe and hire a security team that can offer their services for the event. It will offer peace of mind to all- clients, guests as well as the event management team.

  1. Ensure Guest Comfort

What matters the most in any event is how comfortable the guests feel. Many times events are planned with all amenities and services but the guests can’t feel comfortable and don’t get the space they look for in an event. As an outdoor event has more space, so the management can make the best use of the environment, add some artificial plants, lighting with different colors, sofas, chairs and other items for the comfort of the guests.

  1. The Great Reception

An outdoor event may not have a good and beautiful shelter like a building but it may have an awesome reception that impresses the guests and visitors. An outdoor event can have more charms for the guests if its reception is decorated wisely by selecting right colors, flowers, plants and making it aesthetically elegant. That’s the secret of a great indoor event from party tent rentals northern virginia.

12 Most Weird Wedding Traditions From Around The World

Wedding party rentals have become so crucial these days. Even the normal party rentals can do the job.

Wedding traditions

That is how the idea of a normal wedding goes. The perfect cake, perfect dress, and the perfect venue. But there are some weird wedding traditions which are practiced in different parts of the world. Here are some of those:

  1. Armenia

It’s a tradition in Armenia that if you want a glimpse of your future partner, you have to eat a very salty bread. The thing is, this bread has to be prepared by a middle-aged woman who is happily married, or your grandmother. Single Armenian men and women do this so that they can dream about their life partner.

  1. Congo

The weird wedding tradition is when you have arranged for luxurious wedding party rentals, but you cannot enjoy them yourself. In Congo, if the bride and groom smile during the wedding ceremony or the reception, it means that they are not serious about their marriage. How not-cool is that!

  1. France

France has the most disturbing wedding tradition. The newlyweds are forced to drink all the leftovers of the wedding ceremony from a toilet bowl. But it is now changed a little. Now they use chocolate and champagne. The whole idea behind this Eww! tradition is that it will give strength to the newlyweds.

  1. China

Just having some party rentals is not fun enough until you shoot your bride with arrows. That is, in fact, the case in China. The groom shoots his bride with a couple of arrows after removing their heads. He then collects all the arrows and breaks them in the ceremony. It is thought to bring eternal love in their lives.

  1. Fiji

Fiji has an almost impossible wedding tradition. If a man wants to marry a woman, he has to ask her father first. After asking for her hand in marriage, he has to bring a tooth of a whale and give it to the father. It is only after this that he can marry her. It would be nicer if he could just gift him another thing or if he good pay for the wedding party rentals on his own.

  1. Mauritius

It is normal to see women trying to lose their weight for the wedding day, but the case is opposite in Mauritius. If a woman is about to get married, she is forced to gain pounds and become chubbier. It is thought that the more chubby a woman is, the more happiness and wealth she will bring to her husband.

  1. Germany

It is weird that in Germany the newlywed couple has to clean up a pile of broken dishes. These dishes are not broken accidentally, they are actually broken by the guests who throw them on the ground. They do this so that they can ward off any evil spirit which can affect the lives of the newlyweds.

  1. Greece

Although the Greek tradition of a wedding is not weird. The groomsman has the responsibility of shaving the beard of the groom. He has to do it himself because this is the tradition. The mother of the bride feeds almond and honey to the groom. It’s not so bad after all!

  1. Japan

So, in Japan, the bride has to wear white from head to toe. This color denotes her maiden status. The dress is composed of a white hood which is believed to hide the horn of jealousy which the bride has towards her mother in law.

  1. Jamaica

Here comes another weird tradition. In Jamaica a bride is subjected to criticism in front of the villagers. They will pass negative comments on the bride and she will go home and make a second try to look good in front of the villages. It is a customary practice in Jamaica.

  1. India

According to an Indian belief, some women are born cursed. If they marry someone, he will die at an early age. In order to counter this, she has to marry a tree first which will be later cut down. This will break her curse.

  1. Guatemala

Here comes another violent tradition which can seriously damage your party rentals ny. In Guatemala the groom’s family will smash things. When the newlywed couple enters the home, the groom’s mother will break a white bowl which is filled with rice and flour. It is believed that it will bring prosperity to the couple.