All you want to know about rheumatoid arthritis

Inflammation of joints caused due to immune system’s poor response is known as rheumatoid arthritis. The real cause for this disease still remains unidentified. Ayurveda is a holistic treatment originated in India thousands of years ago. It has very effective treatments for rheumatoid arthritis.

Features of rheumatoid arthritis

  • The treatment available in ayurveda for this disease is based on the real cause for this disease as understood by ayurveda.
  • Many hereditary and environmental factors are responsible for this disease.
  • Addicted alcohol consumption and continuous smoking cause poor response from the immune system. This leads to the formation of rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Pollutants, insecticides, cosmetics and other toxins increase the risk of this disease.
  • Women in the age group of 40-60 are more likely to succumb to this disease.

Ayurveda concept about rheumatoid arthritis

According to ayurveda the body secretes a toxin named ‘ama’ due to poor immunity and weak metabolism. Toxins so secreted are collected in the weak joints and it leads to the inflammation of the joints. People settled in damp and cold areas are more prone to this disease.

Identifying the causes of rheumatoid arthritis

Unhealthy food habits are a strong reason for the formation of rheumatoid arthritis.  Habits like eating stale food, junk food, frozen and processed food etc increase the cause of rheumatoid arthritis. Overeating can lead to this disease. Late night dinner and eating at irregular times have to be avoided. Eating food that has opposite reactions can lead to the formation of this disease. For example drinking cold water followed by hot meal can confuse the digestive system and lead to problems. Eating fish along with milk has to be avoided. If you follow a balanced diet plan supported by regular exercise, you can keep yourself safe from rheumatoid arthritis.


  • Stiffness in the joints during morning time that lasts for three hours or more
  • Swelling in different joints
  • Swollen wrists and fingers.

The treatment of ayurveda is direct and without any side effects. Many new treatment options are developed in ayurveda in the recent years.  Aswagandha is a very powerful ayurveda medicine which was in use from the ancient days. This medicine has been found to be of very great use in controlling and improving the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.  According to ayurveda this medicine can improve the digestive track and the body metabolism. Taking internal medication has been found to be very effective in reducing the pain and inflammation related to rheumatoid arthritis.

Most Common Refrigerator Problems And How To Fix Them?

A refrigerator is the need of every house. If you don’t have one, you can understand how hard it’s to protect your foods, edibles, vegetables and fruits in hot weather conditions. All commercial refrigerators repairs companies recommend their customers to take care of their freezers in order to keep them in best working conditions and save a lot of money that they may spend on repairing by a refrigerators repair company. In this post, we will discuss why your freezer doesn’t cool, the most common problems and how to fix them.

When Refrigerator Is Not Cooling

When your freezer is not cooling, you need to make sure the following things.

  1. It’s plugged in properly and getting power supply. The light will tell you if it’s connected to power.
  2. Check the thermostat that it is not turned way down by mistake.
  3. Make sure the vents on back of the freezer are not blocked.
  4. You need to check coils are not clogged because clogged coils cause poor cooling.
  5. Check to see that nothing is stuck in the condenser of the freezer.

If you still have issues in your freezer and it’s not cooling properly, you may either need to bring it to refrigerators repair company or follow our post to find the solution to most common problems of a freezer.

How To Fix Refrigerator Problems?

Water Leakage Issue

Water leaking is a common issue in all freezers. This is a dangerous problem because the water on floor can cause slipping and may harm anyone moving in the area where it is placed. The water leakage issue is caused by a number of reasons and we are going to list the solution here as well.

When the defrost drain in the freezer is blocked, it blocks the drain and there can be food particles, debris or other items that are responsible for blockage. You can fix it by two ways. First, you should use lukewarm water and put it inside the drain. It will remove the ice stored there and clean the drain. Second, if the first doesn’t work, you may bring the freezer away from the wall and use a pipe or stick to remove the debris manually in order to clean the drain.

Cooling Issues

If a freezer is not cooling properly, it will spoil the food inside and cause smell as well. There are a number of reasons for why the freezers stop cooling and ruin the food. We have some easiest solution for this problem.

First you need to check the back side of the freezer. If it’s cold, there is some other issue. Then you need to check the evaporator fan and there can be an issue with that. When the fan doesn’t release air while working, it needs to be fixed. You can hire a refrigerator repair company to fix this issue. There can be an issue with the compressor as well. You should check it and make sure it’s fine. If everything is fine, it shows your freezer needs to be replaced and you should buy a new one.

Fresh Food Section is Warming

It should be noted that freezer section provides air and cooling to the food section. The evaporator fan in the back of the refrigerator is responsible for flowing cooling towards the food area. In case, you notice the food is still warm after few hours, you should check the fan and make sure it’s working fine.

If it is fine, there is certainly a problem with the diffuser duct. It might be blocked due to ice and debris. When you keep the door opened for some time, it prevents the duct from sending cooling to the food area and causes cooling issues. If you can fix these issues and the freezer works fine, there is no need to call a refrigerators repair company Arlington service. Otherwise, you should hire someone who can fix the problem.

Final Words

Care and maintenance of the refrigerator is inevitable otherwise it causes issues of cooling. Never leave the door opened, check for regular maintenance and take good care of the freezer if you want it to work fine for years. Above listed problems are some of the common issue of a refrigerator and you can keep it in food order by fixing these.

Want to Buy Faux Wood Interior Shutters? Keep These Tips in Mind!

Faux wood interior shutters offer wonderful architectural charm and impact since they’re easy to adjust, offer privacy, and help in controlling the light. The natural wooden shutters are made of basswood, which is the renewable species that feature uniform and smooth grain texture.

Faux wood polymer may be used in bathrooms. The houses have singular pane windows that can use the wide-louver shutters. There are various options for shutters and blinds. You may always find the style and size of the shutter that combines function and fashion. Shutters and blinds offer many adjustment options and control light effectively. Faux wood interior shutters store will provide you different faux shutters with various features. But, when buying one, make sure to consider these following tips:

Pick Narrow Slats Shutters

If your windows are a bit small, pick the narrow slats. People who have contemporary homes may choose the typical proportion of two inches slat that appears fresh.

Style of Faux Wood Shutters

Selecting the right shutter basically depends on your unique preferences. The style should suit the type of window, lifestyle, and interior décor. If you’re confused about the different choices, have a look at the newspapers and home décor magazines.

Know the Different Options in Pattern and Size

For making a historical look, pick the louvers with 1 ¼” to 2” measurement. The 2-inch louver provides clear view and this scale will fit any window size. Use these properly with high ceilings, wider louvers. These kinds of options permit more light to enter and you can also make an exceptional fashion statement with louvers. You may also go for the ladder tape in restricting sunlight from shinning through the hole of cord route.

Custom Sizes of Shutters

If your window isn’t a standard size, choose the customized options. Measure your window accurately, especially if your home is old. Install shades and blinds within your window casing for maximizing the space.

Shutter’s Finish

Do you want to achieve a certain décor look? If so, you may match shutters with moldings, window frames, and floorings. In terms of painting finishes, white and cream are the most famous options. You may also get stain colors if you want to.

A good shutter store offers a wide collection of shutters suited for your needs. But, make sure to choose the ones that are durable and made from quality materials.

All one needs to know about first degree assault

First degree assault cases in American states are often sentenced for imprisonment for multiple years with thousands of dollars as penalty. It is very important for a person involved in a first degree assault case to contact a first degree assault attorney  immediately so that he will take charge of the situation and guide the accused in every matter including what to tell to the interrogating officers as well in the court were trail will be conducted. The punishments in these types of crimes are going to have far reaching effect in the life and character of the person concerned. So an assault lawyer who has knowledge in various aspects related to the offense and the court proceedings are the apt person to trust and hand over the matter.

Potential penalties for first degree assault

In many states first degree assault is included in the class B of felony. The penalties that can be imposed for offenses  under this category varies from imprisonment for a period extending from two years to twenty years and a fine which may extend up to thirty thousand dollars. The driving license of the person will be cancelled if there is any involvement of a vehicle in the crime. A person without any history of criminal behavior will be punished with minimum imprisonment if a weapon is used in the assault. This being the situation, it is important that any accused in assault cases meet a criminal defense lawyer immediately so that his knowledge and position can be utilized in every possible manner to  get the punishment reduced to the minimum possible level.

Long term effect of assault charge

A person who has been convicted in a first degree assault case will have to face some long term effect as a consequence of the verdict in the first offense. He is not allowed to vote or carry weapons.  When such a person commits the same type of offense a second time, he comes under the group of habitual offenders who attract still severe punishment and consequences.

The defense strategy

The defense strategy followed by a criminal defense lawyer in first degree criminal offense will be focusing on the level of injury sustained by the victim. The lawyer will try to prove that the injury sustained can be considered as a physical injury. If he succeeds, the case ceases to be first degree assault case. If the cause of injury can be related to an accident then also major penalties can be mitigated. An experienced lawyer in criminal matters will be the best person to help the accused as he knows everything and all the possible strategies that can be followed in a particular case and the supporting proof that can be deduced.

Hearing of the case

Hearing of first degree assault cases begins in limited jurisdiction courts known as district courts.   In such courts no determination of innocence or guilt takes place. The beginning of the hearing entails the accused his right to study the states evidences against him and understand the cause for the warrant issued to him.